turns out that the whole clapping for the NHS thing was just really nice and sometimes it’s nice to be nice and that’s all there is to it

whilst the more cynical part of me thinks that it’s pointless clapping for the NHS if you vote Tory, equally I think that if previously non-political people are realising the importance of protecting the NHS, then I’d rather find a way of welcoming them into the movement so that they will stay on our team when it counts rather than yell at them for what’s done

guys this thirsting over the Chancellor is the Exchequer has to end now


look at the state of that fucking bookshelf 

As if I needed another reason to hate him…

Fucking hell adding Matt Hancock to the list of prominent Tories who have Coronavirus is making it really hard not to start celebrating just out of pure spite alone…

If this thing hits Michael Gove and/or Dominic Raab too I’m gonna have to bust out the confetti though.

he’s self-isolating 🙂

I won’t be making any posts mocking Boris Johnson or celebrating that he’s tested positive for Coronavirus.

Because my mum always taught me that if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

well boris johnson getting COVID 19 just about sums up the success of his strategy doesn’t it?

My golden rule of not discussing politics with my parents has now landed me in the odd position where my dad thinks I’m a diehard pro-Corbyn Labour supporter and my mum thinks I’m a staunch Tory supporter.


And this is just one of the many, many reasons why I’m not on Facebook.

I think I saw a report that there was a QAnon (yes, it’s still going) claim that matched the 5G/contamination thing, so they may be getting it from there. (The reported QAnon claim was even weirder than that… like the coronavirus was a genetically engineered weapon which would be activated by 5G signals so that the shadowy conspirators could shut down opposition, or something like that… it even involved chemtrails, IIRC, and there was something about vaccines being evil, too.)


Do you have any people claiming it isn’t actually real and is some massive hoax yet?

I’ve got a few of those. One fantastically dumb bitch I used to go to school with seems convinced that it’s not rea,,y a disease but 5G networking that’s making everyone ill.


Because the ‘world government’ wants to inject everyone with chemicals in the form of a vaccine and need to spread panic in order to make everyone eager to line up to be ‘contaminated’ with…. yeah she hasn’t gotten that part worked out yet, but she’s so close to the real truth, guys!


Interesting pattern emeging on my Facebook feed since lockdown.

We have gone from medieval cure all ills, and leeching, to old West snake oil, to the modern day equivalent, Apple Cider Vinegar. We still have people who think the earth is flat and vaccinations cause autism.

We have the most advanced medical care in history and still have people living in the 15th century.

Next they will be saying Coronaviris is caused by an imbalance of your humours

See the thing is most people I know on Facebook who are demonstrable morons I keep around on Facebook because their idiotic squawking on general political issues makes me laugh at their expense.

But when the issue of the day is a global pandemic, the insane contributions from the peanut gallery of lowest common denominator shitheads are not only unwelcome but also fantastically fucking dangerous.

It’s no coincidence that the same “we don’t need no experts” brand of Brexiteers are primarily the ones talking demonstrable bullshit about this pandemic. 

I knew a lot of the people I went to school with were political idiots, be they Tory, Brexiteer, the kind of drooling idiots who think Trump is the only honest politician in the world, or those rare ones who are full-blown Communist and think Jeremy Corbyn should lead a military coup to overthrow the ‘illegitimate’ Boris Johnson government (yes, really).

But finding out a bunch of them are anti-vaxxers (it’s always the ones who have like 3 kids too), or raging next-level conspiracy theorists has been… fundamentally depressing.

I live in a very safe Tory constituency.

I know a large chunk of my neighbours all clapping the NHS are lifelong Tory voters.

Those fucking arseholes.