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“I will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mum.”

I’m painfully ambivalent about the royal family but this interview speaks volumes. The fact that the palace are angrier about a black woman wanting to retain some semblance of privacy than they were about having a sexual predator in the family also speaks volumes.


brenda from bristol is the voice of the nation


when MPs all rock up back to Westminster now that the proroguing of Parliament has been declared unlawful by the Supreme Court ✌🏻


Interpretative dance to Theresa May’s resignation speech adihfoudsfhsdouf




he snapped


Is this British culture?

Last night on Newsnight we discovered that any semblance of rational political discourse has left the country

literally anything in england: *happens* 

england: *sings don’t look back in anger* (x)



He is white. Guaranteed he won’t be terminated from his job like he
should be & the female being groped has dark skin so she will be
seen In the wrong because of her skin color. This is sexual harassment on nation tv

people are disgusting

The fact a female is also justifying it, is horrible