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Venice hit by another exceptional high tide; worst week in 150 years

China and France sign deals worth $15 billion during Macron’s visit

Have you heard that net migration into the UK and US is out of control and rising?

It has been falling in the US since 1997 and in the UK since 2007. 

Source: here.

EU redoubles threat to retaliate if U.S. raises auto tariffs

UK not paying Brexit bill would be debt default, French source says

Pentagon warns EU against blocking U.S. companies from defense pact:

Some news outlets spin this as the US being against a joint EU military cooperation.

In reality, the US doesn’t want to see its arms manufacturers excluded from supplying any potential EU defence pact and threads to exclude European manufacturers from US contracts.

Britain’s Conservatives in fourth place in EU election poll, Farage…:

EU says will respond to controversial US move on Cuba | DW | 02.05.2019

US takes tough line with UK on post-Brexit trade talks | Financial Times:

The Trump administration has taken an aggressive posture towards the UK on post-Brexit trade talks, demanding greater access to the UK market for its agricultural products and guarantees that London would not manipulate its currency.

EU-Japan free trade deal cleared for early 2019 start