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Brexit omnishambles in the UK.

People defending a Supreme Court nominee who tried to rape someone in the US.

… yup, good times… I feel constantly sick and distressed by the world at this point.


On the one hand I don’t believe any significant number of true die-hard Trump fans will ever abandon him no matter how hideous he gets.

On the other hand since the New York Times op-ed came out and Trump flew off the handle to “literally give my own staff lie detector tests” levels of paranoid delusional rage I’ve seen numerous people now claiming that they only really voted for Trump because they knew he’d get impeached and they wanted Mike Pence as President.

I don’t know if that’s a sign of his base of support really actually eroding to a degree that should be worrying for him, or if it’s just morons lying to themselves to pretend they weren’t scammed into making a massive mistake. 

But it’s kind of hilarious.

Also hilarious that the line among some of them now has degraded from “Trump is the best President ever, this is all fake news by triggered Democrats and Trump will have 8 glorious years” to “well we want him impeached anyway.”

The United States is now facing a very real Co…

Look regardless of which side of the pro-Trump or anti-Trump divide you come down on, it is now undeniable that the United States of America is facing a Constitutional crisis in relation to the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

In light of recent legal revelations and convictions and flipping, let’s lay out the two alternative scenarios of what’s going on right now, shall we?

Scenario #1: If Trump and his fanclub at Fox News is right about all of this then the situation stands right now as the FBI going totally rogue from top to bottom and, with the help of a grand conspiracy from the American news media, launching effectively what is a coup de tat against the sitting President by inventing evidence out of nothing just to destroy him and remove him from office.

Scenario #2: President Trump has been surrounding himself for so long with crooks and corrupt criminals to such a thorough extent that he is either such a horrifically poor judge of character that allowing him to continue as President becomes fundamentally untenable, or he himself is such a crook that it eclipses Nixon at his absolute worst to such a degree that allowing him to continue as President becomes fundamentally untenable.

No matter which worldview on this you ascribe to, the United States is facing a full-on Constitutional crisis.

Either entire American institutions are actively trying to overthrow the President for their own ends, or the President is an absolute shameless criminal.

I know which one I think is more likely…


The most annoying thing about having read George Orwell’s 1984 is that I’m vulnerable to finding it particularly irritating, more annoying than most would find it, when some hysterical idiot flies off the handle and tries to compare something to it.

It’d still bug me but because I know the fucking book the stupidity of using it in such ways hurts all the more.

Like, social media banning Alex Jones and the hateful shitstorm he pretends is somehow informative does not make him an ‘unperson’ and the way you know it doesn’t is because we’re all still fucking talking about him. The dude still exists. Everyone knows he exists. He’s free to continue to talking his nonsense to whoever wants to go out of their way to listen to it because it’s cheaper than the therapist they desperately need would be.

Social media platforms choosing to not carry his vile deranged batshit is not the same as the government erasing him from the world like what happens to unpersons in 1984.

Just infuriates me.

This whole sit-down is good but the best part …

This whole sit-down is good but the best part is from 7:37 where Lawrence gives his prediction of the end of the Trump Presidency. 

He doesn’t predict it’ll happen exactly as he elaborates but I can think of no better or more fitting way for Trump’s regime to end than him being forcibly marched by the Secret Service out of the White House after trying to refuse to leave following his defeat to a female Democrat.

It’ll just be so perfect.

“What you are seeing … is not what’s ha…

“What you are seeing … is not what’s happening.”

Well ladies and gentlemen, there it is. 18 months into his Presidency and Donald Trump has officially gone full-on Nineteen Eighty Four on everyone.


President Donald Trump, a man the subject of several civil lawsuits as well as an ongoing criminal investigation in the form of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, has just nominated to the Supreme Court a man who is on the record as thinking that the President of the United States is above the law, to the point of previously having encouraged Congress to take up legislation exempting the President from being subpoena’d and giving the President immunity from indictment or even criminal investigation while in office.

I get the worry over things like voting rights or the future of Roe v Wade, but I feel like the fact that the President wants to place, on the highest judiciary authority in the nation, someone who believes the President is exempt from criminal investigation or indictment, while said President is under criminal investigation, needs to get more attention in all this madness.

Trump is trying to stack the judiciary specifically to put himself above the law.

In the United States, nobody is or should be above the law. Not even the President.

And to hammer the point home to any of Trump’s base who think because Trump is President that the President should be above the law: If Hillary Clinton was elected President instead, would you all say the e-mail nonsense or the Benghazi nonsense should be dropped and forgotten about, just because she was President?

No? Didn’t think so.

Okay, yeah. I know I said I would take a breat…

Okay, yeah. I know I said I would take a breather but then the righteous anger kicked in so fuck it.

And I saw this and it made me chuckle. Because this right here? This perfectly illustrates the hideous divide between liberal left-wing people and the unhinged maniacs that still for some reason try and insist on being called conservatives.

Because a left-wing liberal looks at this list and thinks “why the fuck isn’t all this being done already, what the fuck?”

An unhinged maniac formerly known as conservative looks at it and sees the very destruction of life itself.

Fox News tried to present this list as a bad thing, something horrible, something to be feared.


I keep wanting to make a big post about the family separation bullshit going on in America right now but I keep failing to because I find myself incapable of truly and adequately putting into words why empathy is a good thing, something that too many people seem to have just chosen to forget.

Chronology of U.S.-North Korean Nuclear and Mi…

Chronology of U.S.-North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy | Arms Control Association:

Just a little something for all the people who genuinely think what Trump just did is some great unprecedented victory for the world and the USA.

He basically gave numerous military concessions and validated a brutal dictator on the world stage, all for the sake of some fresh propaganda for North Korea and a vague agreement that they’ve already vaguely agreed to but never bothered to in any way follow through on like dozens of times.

This was not a victory. It was pointless nonsense.

And if you still don’t get it, just imagine how Trump’s current cheer squad would have reacted if Obama met with Kim Jong Un and promised an end to military exercises in South Korea in exchange for some vague super-serious pinky promise about maybe abandoning the nuclear program this time.