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The series finale of the UK looks great! (x)




i’m not saying everything would be fine if nigel farage died in that plane crash but there would have been no referendum 

Can’t believe I forgot about that!

Wasn’t the crash caused by the UKIP banner it was trailing getting tangled in something?

yeah the banner got caught in the tail fin i think. and the pilot had a nervous breakdown afterwards and threatened to kill him bc he thought he was milking the attention, and he died a few years ago

How the Brexit Party’s existence will play out:

  1. They’ll do well in the Euro elections, succeeding in being elected to a body they don’t like with the sole purpose of making themselves redundant.
  2. Come the next GE they’ll get a lot of votes but’ll be so spread out geographically it won’t amount to any MPs.
  3. They’ll gain 1 or 2 MPs due to Tories defecting.
  4. Brexit will happen with zero involvement from them.
  5. Their polling will shrink as the people who wanted Brexit, now they have Brexit, will migrate back to the Tories.
  6. They’ll fall into obscurity, go through a series of new leaders in quick succession after Farage quits.
  7. Their ex-Tory MPs will defect back or lose their seats at the next general election.
  8. They’ll start appealing more and more the far-right lunatics and their status as a useless joke with no reason to exist will be cemented forever.

How do I know this?

Because we’ve all been through this dog-and-pony show before with UKIP.

  • Tories brought low by their blithering incompetence.
  • UKIP sinking further into pointlessness and obscurity.
  • Labour’s stupid plan of stubbornly fence-sitting fucking them over.
  • Greens making huge gains.
  • Liberal Democrats making huger gains and doing the best of all parties.

I love being able to look at election results and not feel overwhelming misery.

Now we just have to endure a solid week of Labour fans crying that the BBC wasn’t sucking Corbyn’s cock with praise for losing 52 councilors and 6 councils (because apparently saying both major parties took losses is EVIL PRO-TORY BIAS), and headline after headline from people who seem to once again be suddenly realising that maybe the Lib Dems aren’t dead and buried… the same thing everyone in the media seems to realise every fucking time the Lib Dems actually do good to okay in elections before instantly forgetting the party exists until the next go-around.

Oh and of course the 500 smug tossers making the “I think we should re-run the elections because I don’t like the result” non-joke about the Lib Dem gains that they always make while always seeming to think they’re the first one to ever say the most genius thing ever said.

Farage’s Brexit Party (that’s totally not just a new version of UKIP, honest) unveils itself and it’s ultimate champion:

Annunziata Rees-Mogg, champion of the downtrodden against the elitists!

Lord give me strength to deal with this latest stupidity…

Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.:

If you’ve already signed the petition, please do not constantly check to see the counter as the site is breaking under the load.

Give other people a chance to sign as well!

England should LEAVE the UK because it’s the only way we’ll be able to quit the EU, leading Brexiteer claims:

UKIP appears to be rather unfortunately named, “English Independence Party” would have been a more appropriate name.

Agenda: Events in Geneva could make the London drama pointless:

IT would be easy to be distracted by the stramash at Westminster but it is worth the odd glance at events in Geneva to realise that the breathless drama in London might well be entirely pointless. After all it is in the sleepy Swiss city, not London, that the Brexiters have promised Britannia will once again launch herself as a totally independent and glorious trading state.

Sadly, a bit like everything else to do with Brexit, it is demonstrably not going to plan. This matters because the Brexiters’ Plan B (“We’ll just revert to WTO terms”) is as unfit for purpose as their Plan A.

Guess what? In a staggering development foreseen by literally everybody except Liam Fox, at the end of October countries began to challenge.

This escalated just last week when tiny insignificant economies like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Taiwan, Thailand, the US and Uruguay joined the fun. They signed a joint document demanding the establishment of a mechanism to provide “appropriate compensation” to ensure they do not end up worse off from the establishment of the UK’s schedules.Is this the real crisis in Brexit? Yes it is. The WTO is the arbiter of international trade and the UK is not on the starting grid. Instead of doing the work, Dr Fox tried to find a quick fix and it has failed,

He goes on explaining in very simple and easy to understand terms, why the No Deal / WTO option isn’t an option at all. I would recommend to read on …

I did mentioned this before, but never summarised it so beautifully. Here a list of previous posts about this very subject:

Unfortunately the population inside the UK is vastly unaware of this situation.

Ukip faces ‘utter marginalisation’ if it embraces hard right, says Nigel Farage:

UKIP ‘faces’ marginalisation, Nigel?


You’re at 2% in the polls right now you muppet. Your party is marginalised already, because it’s pointless. Any role as ‘champions of Brexit’ has now been ceded to the Tory party you originally came from and all UKIP has left is pointless waffle and directionless xenophobia just for the sake of making noise to pretend someone still cares about you.

UKIP has nothing left. This is typically what happens when a party whose entire reason for existing is to campaign for its own irrelevance gets what it wants.

You have no seats in the House of Commons. 
3 in the House of Lords.
4 in the Welsh Assembly.
2 in the London Assembly.
108 local seats in the whole of the nation’s local government.

The only place you do have any say in anything is the European Parliament and when you get your way properly you won’t even have that.

Just let UKIP die on the rubbish bin of history, for fuck’s sake.

Stop trying to make UKIP happen, it’s not going to happen.

Bloomberg Journalist Explains Brexit’s “Big Short” To James O’Brien

So remember when Farage said on the night of the 23rd that it looks like remain won? 

It appears that the polls he got from his friends in the financial institutions suggested quite the opposite? So why go infront of the cameras and say something else? Except of course you have a big bed running against GPB Sterling, and would like to maximize ones profit.

Well, have look at this picture, dug out by the New European:  3:35am, June 24, 2016. Sterling is in freefall. And Nigel Farage is beaming

The full Bloomberg story is well worth reading, and can be found


The Brexit Short: How Hedge Funds Used Private Polls to Make Millions