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Would it be an unpopular position to state that the one thing that Brexit will achieve that might be kind of worth even some of the bullshit is the hope that Brexit may put a pretty major fucking nail in the coffin of two party politics in this stupid country?

More than 100 seats that backed Brexit now wan…

More than 100 seats that backed Brexit now want to remain in EU:

If this holds true the logic for rigorously sticking to Brexit as some kind of vital democratic necessity is increasingly shallow which is impressive given at it’s deepest it could maybe be slightly comparable to a child’s paddling pool.

Also if so many constituencies in England are flipping to majority Remain, would this then solve the problem Labour has with Brexit where it’s membership is largely pro-Remain but a lot of it’s MPs were representing pro-Leave constituencies?

Because I keep hearing that that’s the reason Labour isn’t backing either scrapping Brexit or a final say on the terms of the deal. “Well they just can’t because their constituencies are so strongly pro-Brexit.”

If this change is happening surely that becomes less and less of a problem as time goes on?


In many ways being massively depressed helps me deal with politics.

I mean our nation is fucked because the most hideous cabal of venemous pricks at the very top are pointedly failing to negotiate any kind of deal for us to continue to work with our neighbours so we’ll crash out of the EU as an isolated tax haven for rich bastards permanently screwing the rest of us until the end of time with none of the sensible EU regulatory statutes to help prevent it.

So life is going to be an unending swirling vortex of misery but fuck it everything sucks and hates me anyway so what does it matter any more.


You know I rail against Donald Trump a lot, and don’t get me wrong he is utterly and completely evil.

But the thing is on balance I prefer Donald Trump’s evil to our own country’s Tory evil.

Why? Because his evil is so blatant that it’s impossible for any sensible person to ignore it. It’s brazen, loud, arrogant, in-your-face, fuck-you evil obviously designed to make everyone else hate the prick while galvanising his increasingly narrow base of fanatical devotees who the rest of humanity would much rather pretend don’t exist out of shame of sharing a species with them.

That’s terrific evil because you know it’s there.

The Tories’ brand of evil is far worse because it’s precisely as disgustingly evil as Trump but it’s so benign and outright boring and grey that most people just seem to tune it out. They’re doing horrible things but because they do it in such a nondescript and mind-numbingly boring fashion it either makes most people jut tune it into the background white noise, or it dresses itself in such a generically ‘standard’ look that it makes otherwise sensible people just go along with it.

Like, Trump’s fans are morons but the divide is obvious. Anyone who supports him has a galloping case of the crazies and everyone who doesn’t knows that about them and pick it out immediately.

With a Tory voter you can be talking to them for hours and they’re a perfectly reasonable and friendly and personable person and it’s only later that you realise what fucking horrors they willingly vote for and it shatters your idea of them.

The hardest evil to fight is the evil that is so boring that most people don’t even realise it exists.

That’s the Tories.

Trump is obviously evil and the divide between those who know that and those who think it’s worth the destruction of America just to ‘trigger’ liberals is clear as day, the battle lines easily defined.

Now I’ve written this and tagged it with Trump-related hashtags it’s going to be fun seeing the Trump loyalists precisely prove my point by embarrassing themselves in the notes of this one.


During the EU referendum any talk of a ‘no deal’ scenario was virulently denied as even being remotely a possibility by the official Leave campaign and really anyone on the Leave side. Any claim that it could even theoretically happen was decried as slander, propaganda and ‘Project Fear.’

So now that it’s seeming so likely to go that way that there is open talk of the government having to stockpile food and medicine for when the ‘no deal’ scenario hits I have to ask the obvious question…

Is this still exactly what Brexiteers voted for when they ticked that box that offered no specifics on implementation at all? Like, did you all know that the exact opposite of what your official campaign said would happen would actually happen and totally wanted that all along?

Or is it just that this whole experiment of yours has gone utterly pear-shaped but you’re either too dumb, too prideful or too arrogant to admit that you fucked up royal?

So what is the actual argument against a ‘fina…

Because just shouting “democracy” isn’t an argument.

Claiming only one vote is ever allowed on a subject isn’t an argument. We vote on our own government every few years, our own local government every year, and even a referendum on our relationship with the EU was voted on in the 1970s so it’s not even like the 2016 referendum was the first and only vote about that subject.

From what I can tell the only reason people don’t want a finalising vote on the matter is because Brexiteers are afraid they’d lose it.

And when you’re trying to argue for the ‘sanctity of democracy’ by opposing the idea of a democratic vote just because you don’t want to lose it… you need to re-evaluate your understanding of democracy.

A final vote on such a crucial issue is not contempt for democracy, it is a true exercise in democracy.

And for the argument that “well if Remain won you wouldn’t want another vote” the obvious answer is that if Remain had won we wouldn’t be embarking on a massive change in our entire diplomatic and economic relationship with our largest neighbour in a way that’s creating headlines about the government needing to stockpile food and medicine.


You know, when the Referendum was happening or just afterwards while I may not have remotely agreed, I can at least understand why people would want Brexit. Like, I still thought it was stupid but I could get it, you know?

At this point though? Sorry but if you still ardently support Brexit at this point with everything we now know and the growing reality of how badly this shitshow is going and will go… you’re just crazy or wilfully ignorant.

This isn’t helped by the fact that the most engagement with Brexit I tend to see from the hardcore pro-Brexit crowd basically amounts to “stop faffing around and just do it already” (literally a direct quote from my mum right there) which doesn’t exactly make it sound like a lot of them really even know what’s going on right now.

Seems like many of them are still living in the nonsense reality sold to them by Farage where Brexit is just a quick and painless thing we can just instantly do whenever we fancy it with no repercussions.

Britons Who Show ‘Extreme EU Loyalty’ Should B…

Britons Who Show ‘Extreme EU Loyalty’ Should Be Tried For Treason, Demands Tory MEP:

Who the fuck even needs satire any more when you have real politicians being this dumb in public?


We’ve gone from “football’s coming home and the Tories are collapsing in record time” to “football isn’t coming home, also here’s Trump” within like a day and I’m not happy about it at all.