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Remember during the referendum campaign when the very idea of crashing out of the EU without any kind of deal was laughed off as baseless scare-mongering by Project Fear?

Because I sure as hell fucking do.


Watching the debate in the House of Commons today really reminded me of something important.

I need to remember to buy more booze.

I’m not going to be adding the ‘here we fuckin…

I’m not going to be adding the ‘here we fucking go’ tweet to this one because it doesn’t mean jack shit.

The internal Tory vote at least would have ousted May as leader of the party if it had succeeded. This motion Corbyn just tabled? It’s basically inevitably going to succeed but it’s entirely symbolic. May won’t have to step down, an election will not need to be called.

Her government will lose this vote and business will carry on exactly as normal. She’ll still be in charge, pushing her shit plan as if nothing has changed whatsoever.

If this was Corbyn’s big move against her talk about trying to shut the stable door after the horses have bolted.

Basically a formal acknowledgement that people think she’s shit. But everyone knows she’s shit and everyone knows that everyone else knows that. So what’s the fucking point outside of theatrics and Corbyn being able to make it look like he’s actually doing something at long last when he really, really isn’t?


Cameron ‘advising PM on Brexit options’

Cameron ‘advising PM on Brexit options’:

Because if there’s anyone who should be giving advice about Brexit, it’s the pig-fucker who called the referendum to save his own bacon, fucked it up and lost it, then immediately resigned to let someone else deal with the whole shitshow.

Pass Brexit deal and fall behind Lib Dems, vot…

Pass Brexit deal and fall behind Lib Dems, voters tell Corbyn in poll:

Labour would fall behind the Liberal Democrats in the polls if Jeremy Corbyn helps the Tories to secure Brexit, according to a huge new poll.

The YouGov survey of 5,000 voters, commissioned by the People’s Vote campaign, shows that support for Labour could fall from 36% to 22% if they helped the Tories to pass a compromise deal with Brussels like the one advocated by Theresa May.

Under those circumstances, the Lib Dems would soar from 10% to 26% — their highest rating in any poll since they entered coalition government with the Tories in 2010.

I know this is the textbook example of ‘shit to take with mountains of salt’ but I just found it kind of interesting as a possibility in the ever-ongoing saga of “weird Brexit-related shit we’re stuck having to deal with right now.”


I’m too much of a junkie for it to happen to me but honestly lately I’m really starting to understand on a spiritual level my friends when they say they’re just sick and tired of politics.

Like if I wasn’t obsessed with watching the Tory party trainwreck I’d probably be sick to the back teeth of all of this too.


2017 Theresa May: “I provide strong and stable leadership.

2018 Theresa May: "Please don’t fire me, I promise I’ll quit!”




The best way to understand May’s Brexit predicament is to imagine, instead, that 52% of the country voted for the government to build a battleship out of chocolate.

Everybody deep down knows it’s not remotely going to work but enough idiots were stupid enough to want it so she has to at least try and keep those morons happy to save her own skin because if she doesn’t the ‘United Kingdom Chocolate Battleship’ party will bounce back in the polling or something.

It’s an unfeasible waste of everybody’s time and money that serves no purpose but because enough idiots decided it was vitally necessary we’re all stuck with the stupid fucking thing.


In light of recent revelations from the EU about how easy it would be revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit outright literally at any damn time, it just makes the Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn “Brexit Debate” idea even more incomprehensibly stupid.

By all means have the debate but at least include other political leaders who have views that aren’t stuck in “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic” mode about it.

If this whole debate nonsense is truly about informing the public of our options and arguing the case for them there is literally no good reason to block out other politicians making the case either for a final referendum or just for cancelling Article 50 and not bothering with any of this any more.