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So here’s a question for the room:

Boris Johnson and his Tory government were elected to a 5 year term in power in December. I know it’s painful to relive that but bear with me.

Their primary, and indeed only message, during that election was that people needed to vote for them to get Brexit done.

The UK has now left the EU.

I know all of us rational human beings know that now begins a fucking ceaseless eternity of trade negotiations and all other kind of bullshit but let’s be honest the “woo, go Brexit” crowd never cared about that and won’t start now.

For the majority of the lowest common denominator of Brexiteer shitheads, Brexit is now done. That’s why they held that dystopian carnival of horrors outside Parliament the other night.

So Johnson won 5 years on the promise to ‘get Brexit done’ and according to his idiot voters he’s now “got Brexit done” the very next month.

So what exactly do these idiots now get out of continuing to support him now? The only thing any of them cared about (enough to shout about but not enough to learn about) is now in their smug minds a total non-issue because it’s all totally over and done with.

So what the fuck else do these morons now think Johnson is going to do? He didn’t have any other cards to play, the entire election campaign was Brexit, Brexit and more fucking Brexit.

They’ve elected this screaming hellspawn to rule over them for 5 years and have no fucking knowledge of or interest in what that’s going to look like for 4 years and 11 months of it.

So do any of the celebrating Brexiteers right now actually give a shit about Europe and our relationship with it, or is it all just a spiteful exercise in being able to feel smug and superior and make the “liberal elites” feel “triggered”?

Because the tone of them recently seems to indicate it’s all about the latter and that none of them particularly care about any of the actual details or realities of any of this, they just want to throw a big party for themselves and stick it “the establishment”, here defined loosely as “anyone who doesn’t think the exact things I do.”

I have a friend on Facebook posting angry memes about how the NHS will suck if it get turned into a service you have to pay for at point of use when the same friend was going on and on about how he’s totally voting Tory in the election because of Brexit and I just…

Idiots like that have decided our country’s future for the next 5 years.

Fucking hell.

I’m trying to think of the worst possible people for the job that both Labour and the Liberal Democrats could pick to be their next leaders so I can put a bet on it because hey, if they’re going to fuck up and take everyone down into bullshit and misery with them I might as well make some money out of it.

I really need to catch up on internal Labour party politics before their leadership contest starts.

My current level of knowledge of about 99% of the PLP is “I recognise the name but couldn’t tell you much of fucking anything about any of them.”

And if they’re deciding which of them is going to lead the opposition to Johnson’s majority and try to destroy it at the next election (fuck that feels like it’s still a lifetime away) I should probably start getting to know who these people are.

I know on 202 seats to the Tories’ 365 the notion of Labour being able to stop Johnson doing anything he fucking well pleases is now a fruitless endeavour because those numbers are horrifying.

But I’m just wondering how much more ineffective than the baseline useless they’ll be rendered by the upcoming hysterical shit-flinging blood-soaked civil war that their impending leadership contest is inevitably going to be.

Cause you know this fucking thing isn’t going to be pretty. It’s going to be a fucking shithow in every possible way and my worry is that when they finally resolve it amongst themselves they’re going to turn around to face the Tories and realise they’ve got nothing left to save because the Tory majority has fucking destroyed everything while Labour have been settling which one of them is going to bicker with Johnson every Wednesday for 5 of the longest years of all of our collective lives.

In that mood again where I’m considering just trashing all my politics-specific social media and just having all my political bullshit mixed in with all my other stupid bullshit but then I remember all my friends that do politics are way different than me in terms of ideology or fanaticism and I can’t be arsed to deal with that shit in a place where it’s not cut off from the rest of my life.

For the past couple of years I’ve really wanted to make a long post here about all the ways the “but in coalition…” attack line against the Liberal Democrats annoys me and makes almost sod all actual sense in reality but every time I just think I can’t be bothered with the effort of having to get it all out in any kind of structured way, and definitely can’t be bothered with the inevitable responses and bitching I’d get as a result of it.

See this is my voting conundrum here.

Wokingham is the next constituency over but one from mine. I’m in Aldershot, there’s Bracknell between me and here. 

Aldershot typically was a Tory safe seat with the Liberal Democrats second until the collapse post-coalition. Then it’s been safe Tory with Labour a distant 2nd. 

But after a strong 2nd place finish in the European Elections in this region and nearby constituency polling like this for the Lib Dems?

Fuck only knows how this is gonna go in my constituency in terms of Labour or Lib Dems putting in the 2nd place finish.

And I know this is a bit of an odd constituency considering the Lib Dem candidate was a Conservative MP from neighbouring Bracknell constituency now running to unseat a Brexiteer Tory the next seat over.

But it’s just a clusterfuck in terms of how I’m best off voting.

Just sucks that because my constituency is considered such a safe Tory seat and there have been no defections to other parties to make it remotely interesting no fucker ever does constituency-specific polling down here so the information I have to go on is even more based on speculation and wishful thinking than it normally would be even with specific local polling.


And this is from Dominic Raab’s Esher & Walton constituency not too far away either: