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I have a friend on Facebook posting angry memes about how the NHS will suck if it get turned into a service you have to pay for at point of use when the same friend was going on and on about how he’s totally voting Tory in the election because of Brexit and I just…

Idiots like that have decided our country’s future for the next 5 years.

Fucking hell.

I know on 202 seats to the Tories’ 365 the notion of Labour being able to stop Johnson doing anything he fucking well pleases is now a fruitless endeavour because those numbers are horrifying.

But I’m just wondering how much more ineffective than the baseline useless they’ll be rendered by the upcoming hysterical shit-flinging blood-soaked civil war that their impending leadership contest is inevitably going to be.

Cause you know this fucking thing isn’t going to be pretty. It’s going to be a fucking shithow in every possible way and my worry is that when they finally resolve it amongst themselves they’re going to turn around to face the Tories and realise they’ve got nothing left to save because the Tory majority has fucking destroyed everything while Labour have been settling which one of them is going to bicker with Johnson every Wednesday for 5 of the longest years of all of our collective lives.

A Decade of The Tories.

If you need proof that Boris Johnson and Brexit is turning the Tories into a narrow-minded gaggle of extremist lunatics who will gladly sacrifice everything on the sacred altar of No Deal, consider that a couple of years ago some of my friends on social media would have cut their dicks off before posting anything praising the Tories as they were staunch UKIP fans.

Now they’re all sharing every pro-No Deal or pro-Boris shitpost the Conservatives’ official page puts up.

Amidst the total shitshow of all of this I must admit I’m finding it quite satisfying to finally see the true desperation and panic that runs through the Tory party when en masse everyone else just stops playing their game in the slightest and openly tells them “actually just fuck you.”

The entitled born-to-rule posh gits just can’t handle the people they fundamentally view as their natural inferiors daring to properly stand up to them.

I keep saying “there’s no such thing as a decent human being in the Tory party” and thank you to Boris Johnson for making that true once again by removing the Tory whip from any of them who had the basic decency to stand up to your maniacal thoughtless bullshit.

Why does it seem like Labour are more pissed off about the Lib Dems winning Brecon and Radnorshire than the Tories are about losing it and taking their new PM’s functioning majority down to 1?

David Cameron was elected party leader while in opposition, then lead his party into government first with the coalition as they got the most seats of any party in 2010, then into an actual legit majority in 2015. He won the right to be the leader of the government.

People knew he would be PM when they voted Conservative. If you really think who the party leader is isn’t a huge factor of people’s voting intentions then I don’t know what to tell you.

Theresa May became PM in 2016 after Cameron’s resignation purely on the backing of some Tory MPs. She didn’t lead her party to victory in an election to become the Prime Minister.

She lead her party into the 2017 election and the voters decided to remove from her the majority they had given David Cameron. She only remained in power and the Tories in government via bribery to a smaller party.

Since then the numerical hold the Tories have on power has only decreased and yet now we have Boris Johnson who became Prime Minister on the say-so of only an unrepresentative sample of Tory members and again without leading his party to an election victory.

It fucking staggers me how so many people just can’t see any fucking problem with the way that works just because it’s always worked that way.

It’s fucked up that 3 out of our last 4 Prime Ministers have never led the party they lead to a successful majority in a general election.

Winning a general election should be a fucking requirement to be able to lead the country!

Seriously, when the party currently in government ousts its leader and replaces them with someone totally different it should mandate the dissolution of Parliament so a new general election can be held to ensure that the new leader of the government party can command a majority of support in the Commons via democratic endorsement by the population they wish to lead.

How is it that idea is a weird nonsense-concept to some while having a new Head of Government foisted upon us all, with over 99% of the population having zero say in the matter for potentially another 3 fucking years, is considered the normal and acceptable way of political existence?

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Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and lessons from the 1930s | Financial Times:

A very good article that highlights how Sebastian Haffner’s “Defying Hitler: A Memoir” (or ”Geschichte eines Deutschen: Die Erinnerungen 1914-1933” in the German original) is probably the best book to read to make sense of the political landscape in 2019.