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Interpretative dance to Theresa May’s resignation speech adihfoudsfhsdouf


May urges Tories to cut tuition fees and reviv…

May urges Tories to cut tuition fees and revive student grants:




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Boris Johnson: UK will leave EU in October, de…

Boris Johnson: UK will leave EU in October, deal or no deal:

Boris Johnson there willing to financially ruin the country he wants to lead just to make himself seem more appealing to the maniacs he needs the backing of in order to get that power.

Come on Tories, make Jeremy Hunt your next lea…

Come on Tories, make Jeremy Hunt your next leader. After 9 years of putting up with your bullshit you may as well give me £48.75 for my troubles.


rip theresa may we hardly knew you xxxx


Seriously though, regarding Theresa May’s resignation and her replacement as Prime Minister:

The obvious consensus among, well, everyone is that the Tories are going to install a hard Brexiteer for the job on the wisdom that Theresa May being a Remainer during the EU referendum campaign means she was always too weak on Brexit because she didn’t personally want it to ever happen and a new hard Brexit-loving PM will be stronger and get it done properly.

But… what is it they think they can do, exactly?

I mean as much as some of it is down to being incompetent, sure, there is a reason that Theresa May spent so long trying to negotiate a deal and withdrawal settlement with the European Union.

I’d love to see reality crash down on the new dickhead’s ego when they stroll into Number 10 and immediately try and just yank us out of the EU with no deal and no agreement only to find out that oh shit, yeah you can’t really just do that as easily as every drunk twat in a Wetherspoons for the past 3 years seems to think you can.

And good luck on them trying to forge lasting relationships and deals with any other nation on Earth after they prove that the UK is an untrustworthy twat on the world stage because our leaders are liable to just bail on deals and arrangements while flipping everyone else involved the bird at a moment’s notice.

Just saying.

If anyone is dumb enough to think that Theresa May being replaced is now the end of this Brexit nonsense then they are about to be violently disabused of that notion because this shit is far from over.

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Last night on Newsnight we discovered that any…

Last night on Newsnight we discovered that any semblance of rational political discourse has left the country