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In light of recent revelations from the EU about how easy it would be revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit outright literally at any damn time, it just makes the Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn “Brexit Debate” idea even more incomprehensibly stupid.

By all means have the debate but at least include other political leaders who have views that aren’t stuck in “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic” mode about it.

If this whole debate nonsense is truly about informing the public of our options and arguing the case for them there is literally no good reason to block out other politicians making the case either for a final referendum or just for cancelling Article 50 and not bothering with any of this any more.

Do we really need a ’Brexit debate’ as it’s be…

We all know Theresa May is all gung-ho for precisely this exact Brexit and will refuse to entertain literally anything else as a possibility.

We all know Jeremy Corbyn is largely pro-Brexit but refuses to actually state what he wants it to look like outside of ‘not what the Tories think.’

It’s pointless.

Besides the issue is going to be decided in Parliament, not by the electorate, so why the fuck are they bothering with a televised debate put on in front of the nation when neither of them objectively gives a shit what the nation might want at this point?

Theresa May takes Brexit message to Scotland – CNN Video

Theresa May takes Brexit message to Scotland – CNN Video:

Agenda: Events in Geneva could make the London drama pointless

Agenda: Events in Geneva could make the London drama pointless:

IT would be easy to be distracted by the stramash at Westminster but it is worth the odd glance at events in Geneva to realise that the breathless drama in London might well be entirely pointless. After all it is in the sleepy Swiss city, not London, that the Brexiters have promised Britannia will once again launch herself as a totally independent and glorious trading state.

Sadly, a bit like everything else to do with Brexit, it is demonstrably not going to plan. This matters because the Brexiters’ Plan B (“We’ll just revert to WTO terms”) is as unfit for purpose as their Plan A.

Guess what? In a staggering development foreseen by literally everybody except Liam Fox, at the end of October countries began to challenge.

This escalated just last week when tiny insignificant economies like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Taiwan, Thailand, the US and Uruguay joined the fun. They signed a joint document demanding the establishment of a mechanism to provide “appropriate compensation” to ensure they do not end up worse off from the establishment of the UK’s schedules.Is this the real crisis in Brexit? Yes it is. The WTO is the arbiter of international trade and the UK is not on the starting grid. Instead of doing the work, Dr Fox tried to find a quick fix and it has failed,

He goes on explaining in very simple and easy to understand terms, why the No Deal / WTO option isn’t an option at all. I would recommend to read on …

I did mentioned this before, but never summarised it so beautifully. Here a list of previous posts about this very subject:

Unfortunately the population inside the UK is vastly unaware of this situation.


Checking in on Brexit news lately:

Not sure what happened in the UK today?

So I am just going to leave this here …

Tories pretend to agree on secret plan none of…

Oh sorry, I mean “cabinet agrees Brexit deal.”

Britse comedyserie Brexit krijgt nieuw seizoen! – De Speld

Britse comedyserie Brexit krijgt nieuw seizoen! – De Speld:

Goed nieuws voor fans van de Britse comedyserie Brexit:
de populaire televisieshow krijgt een derde seizoen! We kunnen ons de
komende tijd weer verheugen op 12 afleveringen vol bizarre dialogen,
gekke wendingen en ongelooflijk geklungel.

Voor wie het nog niet kent: Brexit is een absurdistische sketchshow, geheel in de traditie van eerdere Britse series als Monty Python en Keeping up Appearances.
De serie speelt zich af in in een wereld waarin de Engelsen anno 2018
in de waan leven dat ze een wereldrijk zijn. Het lijkt een subtiele
uitvergroting van de realiteit, maar heeft gigantische gevolgen voor de
politieke stabiliteit van het land. De grootheidswaanzin van de
hoofdrolspelers doet soms pijn aan je ogen, maar laat je op de grond
rollen van het lachen.



Nach Salzburg-Debakel: Bericht über Neuwahlpläne bei Torys

Nach Salzburg-Debakel: Bericht über Neuwahlpläne bei Torys:

Media outlets all over Europe report about a snap General Election as early as November. An emergency Tory meeting is taking place Monday morning and an announcement is expected afterwards.

Also interesting, there are now reports that Jeremy Corbyn changed his stand on a second EU referendum:

Brexit: Zweite EU-Abstimmung wird möglich

Der Kurswechsel der Labour-Opposition erhöht den Druck auf die bisherige Austrittslinie der britischen Premierministerin Theresa May. Neuwahlen sind trotz Dementis nicht ausgeschlossen.

I am aware that rumours have done the rounds for weeks now, but I decided to finally post this now as international press appears to have picked this up. There were so many rumours and contradicting information doing the rounds in UK news outlets over months now, that it is hard to keep track of the signal in all the noise.

Fears of Brexit ‘doomsday’ spark race against time –

Fears of Brexit ‘doomsday’ spark race against time –

The Government is facing a race against the Brexit “doomsday” clock, including the need to employ 1,000 extra full-time customs and veterinary inspectors as part of contingency plans.

And in today’s FM4 news:

The European Union is telling governments and companies to prepare for the scenario of Britain leaving the bloc without an agreement in place. Brexit talks are stalled, and PM Theresa May’s divorce plan has been facing tough oppositions on all sides. Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar has said his government is making contingency plans …