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Majority of Scots now in favour of independence, shock poll reveals:

So, Brexiteers kept telling themselves over and over again that the EU is a failed project at the brink of collapse.

3 years later, the EU is stronger than ever, and the UK is fighting for its very existence with Irish unification on one side and Scottish independence at the other. 

Scotland Is Now Generating So Much Wind Energy, It Could Power Two Scotlands

Scotland and the UK: Brexit or the Union?

Scottish people would vote to leave the United Kingdom if Boris Johnson becomes prime minister

RE: Island of Rebels | ARTE in English

From lullabies to lovesongs: The first ever European Union songbook:

The United Kingdom, which made its selections in 2016, will mostly be excluded from the final print, with the exception of its folk song pick “Auld Lang Syne”, written by Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Ministers discuss prospect of the break-up of the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit:

Meanwhile, Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell also told the meeting that the Cabinet should be braced for Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon calling for a second independence referendum in the event of a chaotic Brexit.

The New European (07 January, 2019) “Sturgeon warns that Brexit is strengthening case for Scottish independence”

One Cabinet source said: “The view was that a border poll in Northern Ireland was all-but inevitable if there is a no-deal Brexit because Sinn Fein would demand it straight away. The Secretary of State would have no choice but to call one.”

The Irish Times (Thu, Jan 10, 2019) “‘Don’t blink’: Mary Lou McDonald tells Michel Barnier on backstopSinn Féin leader pushes unity poll in case of no deal at meeting with EU Brexit negotiator”

Theresa May takes Brexit message to Scotland – CNN Video: