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“at least he’s not Hitler” the bar is on the FLOOR

Not to be That Guy because British exceptionalism (especially English exceptionalism) is very real, but I do wish Americans would stop commenting on this blog’s posts about Boris Johnson, just to lament the fact that they think Trump is worse.

Trump is not the standard to which everything (or indeed anything) should be held, and we’re not in competition to determine which world leader is the worst. Saying “well at least s/he’s not Trump” normalises other world leaders being inadequate and delegitimises the genuine suffering and problems that other countries might be facing.

So no, Boris Johnson isn’t Donald Trump. I don’t want to speculate about whether he’s better or worse because that’s really not the point. He’s being judged in British terms because culture and context matter so stop using Trump as a comparison point or a parallel or an analogy because it simply doesn’t work!


tory government is such a fuckin joke the NHS has to rely on fetish sites for supplies

I can’t stop thinking about this video of Dominic Cummings leaving 10 Downing Street like he’s making off with the silverware.

Dominic Cummings is Dominic Goings


rishi sunak is literally watching the cabinet get infected one by one until he becomes lord of the universe isnt he

guys this thirsting over the Chancellor is the Exchequer has to end now

he’s self-isolating 🙂

well boris johnson getting COVID 19 just about sums up the success of his strategy doesn’t it?

Well this is what its come too! Boris showing his true leadership!

with every passing day this tweet gets more and more funny