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Where Pete Buttigieg stands on the biggest 2020 issues:

But yeah he’s just a closet Republican….

If the current percentage results from the Iowa caucus hold with all results (finally bloody) reported, both Pete and Bernie can declare victory but one thing Bernie doesn’t have in this result is the sheer fucking awesomeness that is an openly gay man going from having no national profile to winning the first-in-the-nation caucus in a major party’s Presidential primary.

Like or dislike Pete, that is both fucking huge and fucking awesome as a moment.

Also good to see Biden very noisily going bloody nowhere

Buttigieg surges to third place in new Iowa poll:

Hell yeah!

Look I’m not American so I can’t directly donate to or vote for Mayor Pete so all I can do is cheerlead for him and encourage others to check him out.

I did buy his book though, just gotta wait for it to be delivered.