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The sad thing is even if the rebel Tory MPs refuse to back Corbyn to become PM it’ll still somehow get framed in the online discourse as being totally the Lib Dems’ fault.

Nobody who’s already decided to hate the Lib Dems forever is ever gonna be intellectually honest enough to admit that the current refusal to immediately sign on to making Corbyn the caretaker PM isn’t out of some petty spiteful dislike of Corbyn, it’s purely a matter of pragmatism in the feeling that he won’t be able to get enough Tory MPs to line up behind him, especially with the inevitable Labour MPs (like Kate Hoey for one) who will openly defy him making any move to assume the power to cancel Brexit.

If he can’t command a basic majority of support for shutting down Brexit via Parliamentary means then this whole idea of a caretaker PM becomes null and void anyway as a lovely thought experiment that’ll never actually happen.

That’s why the Lib Dems have openly suggested letting either Father of the House Ken Clarke or Mother of the House Harriet Harman (both respected longterm Parliamentarians with broader appeal across the chamber than Corbyn has) be the caretaker PM because they’re less ‘divisive’ than Jeremy Corbyn is and have a greater chance of actually getting the amount of MPs they need to get behind them to get done what needs done.

Sorry but this “Lib Dems are only using this to gain power” line is total horseshit considering of the two parties the Lib Dems are saying someone else from one of the other major parties should lead this venture, while Labour are insisting it should be them and only them and nobody else.

Hell while I admit her immediate line on this whole idea wasn’t helpful she’s openly offering to meet personally with Corbyn to hammer this shit out so it’s clear that this isn’t some 100% total redline thing but that rather she’s approaching it with more caution than other parties. Might have something to do with how Labour has spent, what, at least 9 years now being more openly hostile to her party than they have been to the Tories.

Sounds like it’s not the Lib Dems who are trying to exploit this conflict to gain power for themselves.

But of course any sense of nuance in this has gotten buried in the sensationalism of headlines and the Labour faithful’s endless glee at having a nice excuse to post shitty anti-Lib Dem memes all over Facebook which is the exact opposite of what’s fucking needed when it’s in everyone’s best interest to try and get the two parties to see eye to eye.

Flooding social media with memes insulting Swinson and having Owen fucking Jones go on his little ranting sessions ever 5 minutes isn’t going to fucking help. We need to be sensible and let cooler heads work this shit out.

I’m like 99% sure that if it can be established that a Corbyn-led caretaker government against Brexit could get enough Tory MPs behind it to command the confidence of the Commons, the Lib Dems will agree to it as they should.

But until then it’s all kind of idle speculation so this narrative that’s immediately sprung up that No Deal is now entirely the Lib Dems fault because if they’d just agree to this right now Brexit could be stopped instantly is, once again, horseshit.

But I guess “any stick to beat the Lib Dems with” is just the default nature of Labour at this point so I don’t know what the fuck I expected really.

Why does it seem like Labour are more pissed off about the Lib Dems winning Brecon and Radnorshire than the Tories are about losing it and taking their new PM’s functioning majority down to 1?

I think it probably goes without saying that I have what we’ll called mixed feelings about Chuka Umunna joining the Liberal Democrats.

What I don’t understand most about it is people mocking it as a careerist self-serving political move to preserve his own interests.

Dude left the Labour Party, despite holding a safe as all hell Labour seat, to join a failed experiment that immediately collapsed and then went from that to joining a party that has taken the vast majority of everyone’s shit for the past 9 fucking years to the point where they’re still almost universally regarded as a political punchline for so many people.

At the next election he has to try and overturn effectively his own 26,285 vote majority or he’s out of a job.

The Liberal Democrat candidate in his seat at the last election got 34,601 less votes than he did.

This was not a smart careerist move for him, because he’s basically (barring some electoral wizardry or miracle) fucked himself right out of Parliament eventually.

I know the Lib Dems are polling well right now and cleaned up well in London in the European Parliamentary elections but come on now.

Unless he thinks he got 38,212 votes based on his singular political brilliance and not as a result of the colour of rosette he happened to be wearing, and if that’s his thinking then my mixed feelings about him joining get decidedly less mixed because if he thinks that he’s obviously a moron.

Sometimes it’s fun to imagine a parallel universe out there where in 2010 the Liberal Democrats soared into government with a solid majority, didn’t have to bloody themselves with damaging compromise in coalition, and literally none of the absolute bullshit of the last 9 years ever happened.

No David Cameron, no Lib Dems getting sent into electoral exile, no EU referendum, no Brexit, actual electoral reform to eliminate FPTP, no Theresa May, no Tory leadership challenge, no Boris Johnson as PM-in-waiting.

… sorry did I say it was fun to think that?


Politics is kind of fucking crazy right now if you look at Westminster voting intention polling recently.

This is a very mixed bag in terms of ‘good thing’ or ‘bad thing’ opinions about it.

The good is that the Liberal Democrats are way up, that Tories are collapsing, that UKIP is dead, and to a lesser extent that Change UK are a total irrelevance.

The bad is that roughly one full quarter of the voting population are apparently willing to vote into Parliament members of a party that has no manifesto and absolutely no policy positions on anything that isn’t just complaining that Brexit hasn’t happened yet.

I may hate the Tories and be largely just sick of Labour in general but at least they actually have policies and ideas.

The Brexit Party is the height of pure anti-intellectualism in politics and it leading the polling is nothing short of fucking dangerous.

Liberal Democrats top the polls in latest Westminster voting intention polling and…


… and what the absolute fuck?

Okay look if you forced me to declare myself a ‘member’ of any political party it would be the Liberal Democrats. 

But even with that I honestly never expected this at all.

I know it’s just one poll so I’m not getting too carried away but holy shit regardless.

‘We have to stop no-deal’: Ed Davey kicks off Lib Dem leadership bid:

Holy shit look, a party leadership contest that isn’t just full of psychopaths trying to nakedly appeal to Nigel Farage and that doesn’t make me want to drink heavily to drown out the depressed voices telling me to find a motorway bridge to jump off of before any of the people involved actually takes power and screws the future into the ground.

Holy shit the Lib Dems did better in my neck of the woods the South East than I expected them to.

Sure they trail the Brexit Party but a strong second place finish. Good to know my vote wasn’t a piss in the wind like usual.

Catherine Bearder re-elected, Lib Dems gaining 2 more MEPs, Tory vote falling way back, Greens gaining an MEP.

About as silver-lined of a mixed bag as I could expect from the South East tbh.

Okay look.

I’m voting for the Liberal Democrats in the EU elections but it does still bug me more than a little bit that they’re playing the same dishonest game that the Brexit Party are and pretending that a vote for them will directly impact Brexit in some way.

Who we send to the European Parliament will not change Brexit. Brexit is being decided by the British government, not the European Parliament.

So why am I still voting for them if I know it won’t change Brexit? To send a hearty ‘fuck you and all you stand for’ to the Tories.

And it’s different this way than it is to “send a message” by voting Brexit Party for one simple reason: The Tory government already wants, and is trying anything it can, to get Brexit. Voting Brexit Party is sending them a message to get on with Brexit which, as her reaction to the local elections proves, is the message Theresa May hears in everything no matter what it is.

Brexit parties get hammered in local elections and she interprets it as a message to get on with making Brexit happen faster. So voting Brexit Party to send that message is objectively pointless.

Sending a strong message that Brexit can get in the fucking sea, however, may actually carry some significance.

Though I’m 99% sure that even if the Lib Dems and Greens and SNP manage to win every European Parliamentary seat specifically by saying Brexit can get fucked, Theresa May would still give a statement saying she hears the message that we need to get on with Brexit.