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My politics wavers between Lib Dem and Labour with no permanent home so I hate it when they end up fighting each other but on this one at least with more thought into it I think the Lib Dems are a bit more wrong than Labour is right now.

The logical option, if the Lib Dems think that Corbyn as a leading figure won’t be able to get enough Tory backers to secure him a post-no confidence majority to get Brexit fucked off into the sea and call a GE, is to back the No Confidence motion anyway and just let him try.

There’s no rule that says that if you can’t get a majority with one leader you have to immediately give power back to the guy you just no-confidenced out of the job. Give Corbyn as leader a go of it and if the numbers actually don’t work out then it’d be time to insist on a different person to be caretaker PM.

Because I honestly do believe that if Corbyn proves he can get the numbers to work out for him, the Lib Dems will back him. Even if Swinson remains personally iffy, the other MPs will bow to the demands of their Remain membership and go for it regardless and she’ll have no choice at that point but to get on board and take the personal hit of the bad publicity.

The one I’m worried about is what Corbyn would do if he can’t get the numbers. I can’t say I’m totally confident that he’d willingly step aside for anyone else to try it. 

I hope I’m wrong about that, I really do, but there it is.


Nobody who’s already decided to hate the Lib Dems forever is ever gonna be intellectually honest enough to admit that the current refusal to immediately sign on to making Corbyn the caretaker PM isn’t out of some petty spiteful dislike of Corbyn, it’s purely a matter of pragmatism in the feeling that he won’t be able to get enough Tory MPs to line up behind him, especially with the inevitable Labour MPs (like Kate Hoey for one) who will openly defy him making any move to assume the power to cancel Brexit.

If he can’t command a basic majority of support for shutting down Brexit via Parliamentary means then this whole idea of a caretaker PM becomes null and void anyway as a lovely thought experiment that’ll never actually happen.

That’s why the Lib Dems have openly suggested letting either Father of the House Ken Clarke or Mother of the House Harriet Harman (both respected longterm Parliamentarians with broader appeal across the chamber than Corbyn has) be the caretaker PM because they’re less ‘divisive’ than Jeremy Corbyn is and have a greater chance of actually getting the amount of MPs they need to get behind them to get done what needs done.

Sorry but this “Lib Dems are only using this to gain power” line is total horseshit considering of the two parties the Lib Dems are saying someone else from one of the other major parties should lead this venture, while Labour are insisting it should be them and only them and nobody else.

Hell while I admit her immediate line on this whole idea wasn’t helpful she’s openly offering to meet personally with Corbyn to hammer this shit out so it’s clear that this isn’t some 100% total redline thing but that rather she’s approaching it with more caution than other parties. Might have something to do with how Labour has spent, what, at least 9 years now being more openly hostile to her party than they have been to the Tories.

Sounds like it’s not the Lib Dems who are trying to exploit this conflict to gain power for themselves.

But of course any sense of nuance in this has gotten buried in the sensationalism of headlines and the Labour faithful’s endless glee at having a nice excuse to post shitty anti-Lib Dem memes all over Facebook which is the exact opposite of what’s fucking needed when it’s in everyone’s best interest to try and get the two parties to see eye to eye.

Flooding social media with memes insulting Swinson and having Owen fucking Jones go on his little ranting sessions ever 5 minutes isn’t going to fucking help. We need to be sensible and let cooler heads work this shit out.

I’m like 99% sure that if it can be established that a Corbyn-led caretaker government against Brexit could get enough Tory MPs behind it to command the confidence of the Commons, the Lib Dems will agree to it as they should.

But until then it’s all kind of idle speculation so this narrative that’s immediately sprung up that No Deal is now entirely the Lib Dems fault because if they’d just agree to this right now Brexit could be stopped instantly is, once again, horseshit.

But I guess “any stick to beat the Lib Dems with” is just the default nature of Labour at this point so I don’t know what the fuck I expected really.


Why does it seem like Labour are more pissed off about the Lib Dems winning Brecon and Radnorshire than the Tories are about losing it and taking their new PM’s functioning majority down to 1?…

Politics is kind of fucking crazy right now if you look at Westminster voting intention polling recently.

This is a very mixed bag in terms of ‘good thing’ or ‘bad thing’ opinions about it.

The good is that the Liberal Democrats are way up, that Tories are collapsing, that UKIP is dead, and to a lesser extent that Change UK are a total irrelevance.

The bad is that roughly one full quarter of the voting population are apparently willing to vote into Parliament members of a party that has no manifesto and absolutely no policy positions on anything that isn’t just complaining that Brexit hasn’t happened yet.

I may hate the Tories and be largely just sick of Labour in general but at least they actually have policies and ideas.

The Brexit Party is the height of pure anti-intellectualism in politics and it leading the polling is nothing short of fucking dangerous.


On the one hand the Labour Party won the Peterborough by-election and kept the Brexit Party out of Parliament for now.

On the other hand, almost 10,000 people just voted to elect an MP from a party with absolutely no manifesto whatsoever and thus no actual position on literally any issue outside of wanting Brexit to be given to them harder and faster.

This is the terrifying rise of pure anti-intellectual fuckery in our politics now. People voting on blind ill-informed faith on one subject based purely on emotion and hurt feelings.

If we don’t soundly defeat this bullshit, we’re all turbo-fucked people.


You know at this point I feel like the Corbynites won’t be truly happy until the Labour party consists entirely of only Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell.

Apparently anyone else is some kind of ideological traitor who should be banished from the party so this must be the future they want for Labour.


With the Tories almost inevitably with their new leader set to move harshly into the ‘No Deal Brexit, woo!’ camp of thought right alongside Farage’s gaggle of stupid malicious cunts, the Labour party is going to have to really pull it’s fucking thumb out of its arse and get on board the ‘just stop Brexit’ train here.

The smaller parties like the Lib Dems and Greens in England, the SNP in Scotland and Plaid in Wales are going to need Labour as one of the two major parties to fucking get on side to stop Boris fucking Johnson or whatever hard Brexiting shitstirrer the psychotic Tories install as overlord from yanking us out of the EU with no deal and fucking the entire country to satisfy them and their owns’ private interests.


Labour voters: “The Liberal Democrats are evil incarnate and can never be forgiven for shamelessly helping the Tories wreck our country!”

Also Labour voters: “Actually it’s Labour’s job right now to help the Tories deliver Brexit and they should be applauded for being willing to step in when needed.”

… why yes I am bitter actually, how did you notice?

Jeremy Corbyn urges voters to discard labels o…

Jeremy Corbyn urges voters to discard labels of leave and remain:

I’m trying to work out if this insistence on avoiding Leave or Remain as political labels and bemoaning the Brexit debate altogether is another act of fence-sitting political cowardice so he can continue pretending Labour can give anyone anything they want in regards to Brexit without having to stake out a clear position for the party he leads,  or if it’s just supreme political naivete to assume you can just disregard Brexit as a factor during European Parliamentary elections.

Either way it’s not a good look for him.

Tories brought low by their blithering incompe…

  • Tories brought low by their blithering incompetence.
  • UKIP sinking further into pointlessness and obscurity.
  • Labour’s stupid plan of stubbornly fence-sitting fucking them over.
  • Greens making huge gains.
  • Liberal Democrats making huger gains and doing the best of all parties.

I love being able to look at election results and not feel overwhelming misery.

Now we just have to endure a solid week of Labour fans crying that the BBC wasn’t sucking Corbyn’s cock with praise for losing 52 councilors and 6 councils (because apparently saying both major parties took losses is EVIL PRO-TORY BIAS), and headline after headline from people who seem to once again be suddenly realising that maybe the Lib Dems aren’t dead and buried… the same thing everyone in the media seems to realise every fucking time the Lib Dems actually do good to okay in elections before instantly forgetting the party exists until the next go-around.

Oh and of course the 500 smug tossers making the “I think we should re-run the elections because I don’t like the result” non-joke about the Lib Dem gains that they always make while always seeming to think they’re the first one to ever say the most genius thing ever said.