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Nach Salzburg-Debakel: Bericht über Neuwahlpläne bei Torys

Nach Salzburg-Debakel: Bericht über Neuwahlpläne bei Torys:

Media outlets all over Europe report about a snap General Election as early as November. An emergency Tory meeting is taking place Monday morning and an announcement is expected afterwards.

Also interesting, there are now reports that Jeremy Corbyn changed his stand on a second EU referendum:

Brexit: Zweite EU-Abstimmung wird möglich

Der Kurswechsel der Labour-Opposition erhöht den Druck auf die bisherige Austrittslinie der britischen Premierministerin Theresa May. Neuwahlen sind trotz Dementis nicht ausgeschlossen.

I am aware that rumours have done the rounds for weeks now, but I decided to finally post this now as international press appears to have picked this up. There were so many rumours and contradicting information doing the rounds in UK news outlets over months now, that it is hard to keep track of the signal in all the noise.


I feel slightly unnerved that so many people I know, who’s opinions I’m used to either agreeing with or deeply respecting, seem to have suspended their ability to think critically when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn specifically.

I shouldn’t be needing to remind sensible, sane, intelligent sentient beings that it just is entirely possible that Jeremy Corbyn just isn’t a totally perfect human being in every possible way and that anyone acknowledging flaws regarding him, his politics or his leadership of the Labour party are not all evil Tory plants conducting a massive widespread conspiracy with the shadowy backing of the entire UK news media to destroy him because they’re terrified of his power.

We currently have the most significantly shit Conservative government I think it’s possible to have and in opinion polling Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is still polling at, at best, a statistical tie with the Tories and Jeremy Corbyn is losing consistently in polls of who would be better as Prime Minister when his opponent is Theresa May.

Maybe that’s not all some nefarious conspiracy to discredit him. Maybe he just doesn’t appeal to as many people as strongly as he appeals to you and maybe people see flaws with him that you refuse to acknowledge.

…I’m fully expecting to get shit for this one.

With Jennie Formby’s coronation, Corbyn has to…

With Jennie Formby’s coronation, Corbyn has total control of Labour:

So if Labour still lose the next election, who are Corbyn’s loyalists going to blame for it now?

Austerity and the rise of the Nazi party

Austerity and the rise of the Nazi party:

I know, reading research papers is boring, but this one might be worth your time:

Abstract: The current historical consensus is that Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 was largely a result of the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression (high unemployment and financial instability). However, these factors cannot fully account for the Nazi’s electoral success. Alternatively it has been speculated that radical austerity measures, including spending cuts and tax rises, contributed to votes for the Nazi party especially among middle- and upper-classes who had more to lose from them. We use voting data from 1,024 districts in  Germany  on  votes  cast  for  the  Nazi  and  rival  Communist  and  Center  parties  between  1928  and  1933,  evaluating whether radical austerity measures, measured as the combination of tax increases and spending cuts, contributed to the rise of the Nazis. Our analysis shows that chancellor Brüning’s austerity measures were positively associated with increasing vote shares for the Nazi party. Consistent with existing evidence, we find that unemployment rates were linked with greater votes for the Communist party. Our findings are robust  to  a  range  of  specifications  including  an  instrumental  variable  approach  a  border-pair  policy  discontinuity design and alternative measures of radicalization such as Nazi party membership.

… at the bottom of page 2, continuing to page 3, it reads:

With dashed hopes and a loss of faith in the Weimar Republic, fury and
despair were channelled into the ranks of populists and demagogues, with
the Nazi party campaigning against austerity and offering promises for a
new era of prosperity. The lowest status groups and the unemployed turned to the Communists, but those just above in the economic hierarchy, who had more to lose from the tax hikes intended to enhance central government finances, favoured the Nazis.

Most of us understand the immediate implications of fascism. But as somebody who grew up in Austria at the end of the Soviet Union. And as such have seen the state of our neighboring countries first hand after the fall of the iron curtain. Believe me when I tell you that communism didn’t turn out great for the working classes either.


Today I witnessed someone insulting and degrading and outright ignoring Vince Cable on the subject of Brexit because “he’s just another old white guy” and then followed that up by stating that he supports Jeremy Corbyn. 

Who in his mind is apparently a young black woman just wearing really good prosthetic makeup or something.

Because otherwise how the hell does that make sense?

Vince Cable’s TV debate challenge to Theresa M…

Vince Cable’s TV debate challenge to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn:

Two ways this goes:

  1. Neither of them respond because they’re so set on Brexit being an unstoppable necessity that to even debate the specifics is a waste of time.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn turns up and is purposely as vague as possible promising a nice, snuggly, lovely Brexit that gives everyone jobs and creates a utopia despite never saying how, and Amber Rudd turns up to stand in for Theresa May and proceeds to scream “Brexit means Brexit” in an increasingly hysterical and desperate voice.

Personally I don’t see it going anywhere. According to those who hold power Brexit must happen because of reasons and any attempt to even discuss the actual details of it is an evil attempt to usurp democracy at best and openly declaring traitorous war against the UK at worst.

Brexit will barrel ahead regardless like the rampaging colossal idiotic monster that it is and anyone attempting to be reasonable about it will be forever shouted down.

In hetzelfde schuitje #Brexit #TheresaMay #JeremyCorbyn…

Current state of UK politics, as seen by the Dutch.

UK’s unemployment suffers unexpected rise

UK’s unemployment suffers unexpected rise:

What do you mean “unexpected”?

And the obvious market reaction: Pound Decline Deepens as U.K. Jobless Rate Unexpectedly Climbs (Bloomberg) 

And keep in mind, this is old data, so the recently announced manufacturing and banking layoffs will not be factored into these numbers for another quarter or two.

If you have recently been fired due to Brexit, remember to keep a steep upper lip, and be cheerful. After all, it won’t be as bad as a Mad Max-style world!



I know I generally favour Labour over the Tories (hell I’d favour a stiff kick to the crotch over the Tories) but this is the kind of thing that makes me way more hesitant in doing so than most anyone else I know who supports Labour.

It just kind of baffles me when it seems that a majority of young voters drastically oppose Brexit and want to stay in the EU including the single market, and a majority of young voters support Labour under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, but yet he keeps doing things like this. 

And yet somehow they are unwavering in their support despite him seemingly going along with the Tories’ line about how Brexit needs to happen and needs to be the hard version of it.

I dunno. Maybe this is the Brexit-hating Lib Dem part of my political identity breaking through more than usual but still.


On the one hand I’m a Labour supporter who is happy that Jeremy Corbyn is leading Labour back to being a proper challenge to the Tories and their hideous government after Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband kind of screwed the pooch on the matter.

But on the other hand I’m a Liberal Democrat supporter who deep down is pissed off that what the aforementioned point does is help to reinforce the bullshit and broken two-party dynamic that’s been a complicit factor in throttling the life out of the democracy of this country and that desperately needs to be replaced.

… and yes, I said I’m partly a Liberal Democrat supporter. Bring on the anger.