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Huh, really wouldn’t have guessed the Mail would endorse Labour. 

It’s probably a bad sign of how cynical and jaded I am that all I can think right now, as we get set for another bloody general election in December, is “I’m really looking forward to when the UK can have a general election without Jeremy Corbyn involved again because then my Facebook can finally read less like a fucking cult’s fan-page again.”


when MPs all rock up back to Westminster now that the proroguing of Parliament has been declared unlawful by the Supreme Court ✌🏻

Jeremy Corbyn pleads with MPs: back me now before it’s too late:

Or you could get out of the way and stop trying to turn a potential GNU into a defacto Labour coalition government which no Tory will ever support thus making the entire idea unworkable with you trying to lead it.

The sad thing is even if the rebel Tory MPs refuse to back Corbyn to become PM it’ll still somehow get framed in the online discourse as being totally the Lib Dems’ fault.

My politics wavers between Lib Dem and Labour with no permanent home so I hate it when they end up fighting each other but on this one at least with more thought into it I think the Lib Dems are a bit more wrong than Labour is right now.

The logical option, if the Lib Dems think that Corbyn as a leading figure won’t be able to get enough Tory backers to secure him a post-no confidence majority to get Brexit fucked off into the sea and call a GE, is to back the No Confidence motion anyway and just let him try.

There’s no rule that says that if you can’t get a majority with one leader you have to immediately give power back to the guy you just no-confidenced out of the job. Give Corbyn as leader a go of it and if the numbers actually don’t work out then it’d be time to insist on a different person to be caretaker PM.

Because I honestly do believe that if Corbyn proves he can get the numbers to work out for him, the Lib Dems will back him. Even if Swinson remains personally iffy, the other MPs will bow to the demands of their Remain membership and go for it regardless and she’ll have no choice at that point but to get on board and take the personal hit of the bad publicity.

The one I’m worried about is what Corbyn would do if he can’t get the numbers. I can’t say I’m totally confident that he’d willingly step aside for anyone else to try it. 

I hope I’m wrong about that, I really do, but there it is.

Oh for fuck’s sake, Jeremy!

You know at this point I feel like the Corbynites won’t be truly happy until the Labour party consists entirely of only Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell.

Apparently anyone else is some kind of ideological traitor who should be banished from the party so this must be the future they want for Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn urges voters to discard labels of leave and remain:

I’m trying to work out if this insistence on avoiding Leave or Remain as political labels and bemoaning the Brexit debate altogether is another act of fence-sitting political cowardice so he can continue pretending Labour can give anyone anything they want in regards to Brexit without having to stake out a clear position for the party he leads,  or if it’s just supreme political naivete to assume you can just disregard Brexit as a factor during European Parliamentary elections.

Either way it’s not a good look for him.

Yeah I refuse to be called petty for not supporting Jeremy Corbyn from now on when on a meeting to try and resolve something that now even the government is openly acknowledging is a national crisis, Corbyn storms out and refuses to take part just because someone he doesn’t like was in the room.

I get it if Labour folks are pissed about the TIGers. But he’s the party leader of the official Opposition and The Independent Group has 11 MPs which is the same as the Liberal Democrats and more than Plaid Cymru and the Green Party.

It’s indefensible that he should abdicate any role he might have in averting a national crisis just because he doesn’t want to work with Chuka Umunna.

This is the government and our country at stake, this isn’t a fucking school playground.