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It’s good to know that UKIP all along was basically just a stupid vanity project to serve the power fantasies of whatever idiot happened to be running it.

Nigel Farage has been pretty thoroughly exposed as a power-obsessed self-aggrandising shitheel only interested in doing anything to get himself more attention and adoration like a spoiled child with a drinking problem.

If I recall rightly then a couple of the runners-up in one of their innumerable recent leadership elections have tried to start their own parties too.

And now Henry Bolton, their most recent and most forgettable leader, has decided that he is singularly so important to the entire dynamic and entire future of British politics going forward that after being punted out of UKIP he’s fashioned himself an entirely new political party in the form of OneNation.

A man who was so irrelevant that the fact that his girlfriend is a racist is more newsworthy than literally anything about the man himself.


Today in a discussion about politics it took me about half an hour to remember what the name of the UKIP party leader is.

That’s probably not a good sign for their future prospects, if someone as politically obsessive and motivated by hatred as I am can’t recall the name of the leader of one of the parties they hate the most.