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This is just a fact because Brexit is undeliverable in any way that isn’t catastrophic for the nation and the entire economy and any attempt by him and his loyalist morons to try and go for that most damaging of options will get roadblocked by saner voices in Parliament.

He will fail.

He will not give the Brexiteers the glorious Brexit they still somehow think is totally necessary.

All that remains to be seen is how long it is until the Brexiteers turn on Johnson and start claiming he was secretly a total Remainer all along so of course he couldn’t make Brexit work because he never wanted to.

And honesty I’m going to get so much enjoyment out of watching the ravenous Brexit cretins devour Johnson alive when his naive idealistic bluster runs up against the solid wall of reality that he and his ilk have been pretending just doesn’t exist for over 3 damn years.

It’s why I think he’s not going to last long as Prime Minister. As soon as the Brexit roadblock hits his premiership he’s done.

This tactic of just replacing one PM who failed to deliver Brexit because it’s undeliverable with another PM who promises the exact same crap as before won’t ever achieve anything.

This’ll only get resolved with a general election where a clear majority of pro-Remain MPs take power and finally wrestle the entire political agenda away from single-issue fanatics.

I wonder if Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt fighting to be the next Prime Minister and each making ludicrous promises about a repeatedly-delayed No Deal Brexit to appease the 150,000 old bastards that will pick one of them to run our affairs until 2022 is still exactly what everyone who voted Leave specifically knew was going to happen and totally wanted?

I mean at least now the weird fawning over Rory Stewart can end. It was more than a bit creepy and utterly stupid to begin with anyway.

Yes when asked during this leadership campaign he managed to sound moderately more sensible about Brexit than the rest of this gaggle of loathsome fucking monsters but that’s a ludicrously low bar to clear to the point where I’d wager almost everyone could do it without much effort at all.

Outside of that he’s still a generic Tory with all the bullshit that goes with that, and given recent polling showed that Tory voters are apparently more than willing to risk breaking up the UK and destroying the Tory party itself just to get their Brexit, nobody should be surprised that a Tory who’s capable of paying vague lip service to not setting everything on fire upon the satanic altar of Brexit ended up not making it to the finale of the Tory leadership contest.

We all knew we were going to get an absolute fucking cunt as our next Prime Minister, this changes nothing.

We’re all still fucked. Rory Stewart wasn’t a beacon of hope, he just seemed that way when stood directly next to slimeballs like Hunt and Gove or the dribbling ignoramus that is Boris Johnson.

Abandon all hope, it’s easier to accept the inevitable that way.

They’re all throwing a tantrum because Speaker of the House John Bercow had the audacity to remind the idiots running to lead the Nasty Party that no matter how much it might help their craven climb to power to say it, they can’t just force a No Deal Brexit through and yank us out of the EU on WTO terms unilaterally without Parliament’s say-so.

Because despite hating an ‘unelected dictatorship’ in Brussels, the Brexiteers are fine with an un-elected Tory leader bypassing our elected governmental body.

The Brexiteer idiots are literally screaming in anger because they don’t like Parliament having sovereignty.

Only 36.7% of voters in the UK could be bothered to make a short trip to vote in the EU elections at a time when our relationship with the EU is the single most domineering thing going on in all of our nation’s politics and the result of this ideological fight will influence the country and all who live in it for years if not generations to come.

And of the 36.7% who decided to bother, we’re split pretty much down the middle in terms of if we want to not bother with Brexit, or if we want to crash out with the most ludicrously damaging Brexit possible.

In other news that may or may not currently be related to both of the above points, I’m severely depressed and have long ago run out of alcohol to drown that feeling out.

With the Tories almost inevitably with their new leader set to move harshly into the ‘No Deal Brexit, woo!’ camp of thought right alongside Farage’s gaggle of stupid malicious cunts, the Labour party is going to have to really pull it’s fucking thumb out of its arse and get on board the ‘just stop Brexit’ train here.

The smaller parties like the Lib Dems and Greens in England, the SNP in Scotland and Plaid in Wales are going to need Labour as one of the two major parties to fucking get on side to stop Boris fucking Johnson or whatever hard Brexiting shitstirrer the psychotic Tories install as overlord from yanking us out of the EU with no deal and fucking the entire country to satisfy them and their owns’ private interests.

Seriously though, regarding Theresa May’s resignation and her replacement as Prime Minister:

The obvious consensus among, well, everyone is that the Tories are going to install a hard Brexiteer for the job on the wisdom that Theresa May being a Remainer during the EU referendum campaign means she was always too weak on Brexit because she didn’t personally want it to ever happen and a new hard Brexit-loving PM will be stronger and get it done properly.

But… what is it they think they can do, exactly?

I mean as much as some of it is down to being incompetent, sure, there is a reason that Theresa May spent so long trying to negotiate a deal and withdrawal settlement with the European Union.

I’d love to see reality crash down on the new dickhead’s ego when they stroll into Number 10 and immediately try and just yank us out of the EU with no deal and no agreement only to find out that oh shit, yeah you can’t really just do that as easily as every drunk twat in a Wetherspoons for the past 3 years seems to think you can.

And good luck on them trying to forge lasting relationships and deals with any other nation on Earth after they prove that the UK is an untrustworthy twat on the world stage because our leaders are liable to just bail on deals and arrangements while flipping everyone else involved the bird at a moment’s notice.

Just saying.

If anyone is dumb enough to think that Theresa May being replaced is now the end of this Brexit nonsense then they are about to be violently disabused of that notion because this shit is far from over.

If this Tory government forces through a harsh Brexit, I hope that Scotland does break away from the UK cause moving to Scotland before that separation happens is cheaper than moving to Canada and will still me leave me better off than being stuck in little England post-Brexit.

Proposal: We delay Brexit until all of the 17 million who voted for it can get together and agree overwhelmingly amongst themselves as to exactly what specific version of Brexit they want.

Hard Brexit?

Soft Brexit?

May’s deal?

No deal?

Single market?

Customers union?

Freedom of movement?

Trade deals?

Norway model?

Until the ‘winning side’ of the issue can actually definitively decide how they want this to look, how about we just do nothing? They won, they got their way so let them figure it out amongst themselves since they seem to think it’s all so bloody simple.

I’ve been thinking today…. if by some bizarre miracle this country does get a 2nd referendum, the People’s Vote as it were, I really think that there should be only two options on it:

  1. Leave on the terms negotiated by the government
  2. Remain a member of the EU

Because not only will having three options, or more, on that potential ballot muddy the waters and lead to inevitable even more crying about “the will of the people” from whichever sides lose (you thought 52% was a narrow margin to decide our future on, wait till you get a 33%/33%/34% split).

But also because no goddamn government anywhere under any circumstances should ever be willing to even countenance the idea of the worst case no deal scenario, let alone offer it as a voluntary fucking option.

This “no deal is better than a bad deal” crap that that stupid woman Theresa May is spouting is idiotic and if she were a remotely responsible Prime Minister she would have ruled out ever letting a ‘no deal’ scenario happen in the first place.