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How much is spent on family benefits in the EU?    

€690 euro per inhabitant! Interested to know more?

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Basic figures on the EU — First quarter 2019

How often do you see a general practitioner?

In 2017, nearly four in ten people (38%) in the European Union (EU) went to see their generalist medical practitioner once or twice in the 12 months prior to the survey. A quarter (25%) consulted their generalist practitioner 3 to 5 times, while nearly another quarter (24%) did not go to see a generalist practitioner. 14% reported that they saw their generalist practitioner 6 times or more.

At EU level, the frequency of consultations of general medical practitioners was higher for women than for men. This was also the case for visits to dentists or general surgeons.

Denmark had the largest share of persons who saw their generalist practitioner 6 times or more (49%) during the previous 12 months, while France had the highest percentage of people (34%) going to the doctor 3 to 5 times. The share of persons consulting their doctor once or twice was largest in Slovakia (47%) and the share of persons who did not go to see the doctor was highest in Greece (61%).

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95% of children aged between 4 years old and the starting age of compulsory education were enrolled in early childhood education in the EU in 2016 – highest share recorded in France (100%), lowest in Croatia (75%).

Euro area international trade in goods surplus €13.1 bn:

Expected duration of working life in the EU: 36 years.

Ranging from 32 years in Italy to 42 years in Sweden.

Eurobarometer: Höchste Zustimmung für EU seit 25 Jahren:

If a referendum regarding the EU membership would be held tomorrow, all counties in the EU (including the UK) would vote to “remain”. 

Also, the majority feel European, 70% on average, most so in Luxemburg with 93% and least support in Bulgaria with 51%:

And the majority are happy to live in the EU, with least support in Hungary:

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