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Euro area international trade in goods surplus €13.1 bn

Euro area international trade in goods surplus €13.1 bn:


Expected duration of working life in the EU: 36 years.Ranging…

Expected duration of working life in the EU: 36 years.

Ranging from 32 years in Italy to 42 years in Sweden.

Eurobarometer: Höchste Zustimmung für EU seit 25 Jahren

Eurobarometer: Höchste Zustimmung für EU seit 25 Jahren:

If a referendum regarding the EU membership would be held tomorrow, all counties in the EU (including the UK) would vote to “remain”. 

Also, the majority feel European, 70% on average, most so in Luxemburg with 93% and least support in Bulgaria with 51%:

And the majority are happy to live in the EU, with least support in Hungary:

12. Octubre Feliz dia nacional español!

12. Octubre
Feliz dia nacional español!

What is the quality of life in your region?Which EU regions make…

EU citizens on the…

EU citizens on the move.


How has the EU progressed towards the Sustainable Development…

How has the EU progressed towards the Sustainable Development Goals?

Full report can be found here:

I know, it is a 356 page pdf full of boring numbers.

There are the odd spoilers, like the “in work at-risk-of-poverty rate” which is unfortunately creeping up and indicating that we squeeze the working classes unproportional hard. (I know, we all can see and feel that, but it is still good to have the facts to back that up.) But beside these few cases, what the numbers prove is that things in Europe, despite appearances, are getting better overall.

And that is something that should cheer you up. 

Today I want to gloss over the bad things just for once, and highlight some of the good things. There is obviously way too much data in this report to quote here, but just to give you some idea … 

I like the idea of feeling less guilty for the food I am eating, I also like the idea that the life expectancy is still increasing at a steady rate.

… and that less people are smoking:

The Europe 2020 targets for education were ambitious, but it looks like we are going to meet them.

Maybe that is the reason why in all the poll young people are less likely to support ideas like leaving the EU? Even if the PISA study claims that they underachieve in reading and math skills, they are still considerably more educated than their parents ever used to be and tend to make more informed decisions. 

Gender employment gap has improved massively. A lot less women are unemployed, a lot more women are represented in national parliaments and in senior management.

But while also improving, we still need to work on paying women their fair share.

And while more people shower, we somehow managed to pollute less water.

Energy consumption pretty much state the same. Looks like all these shiny flat screen monitors eat up what we saved in switching to LED lights. But the energy we do consume is now a lot more renewable than it used to be.

Europeans get richer. Obviously, the rich get more rich than the poor, we can all see that, but data proves that even the poor benefit from this trend. Now if only we could somehow make sure everybody benefits at the same rate, maybe we would have less disgruntled people?

Youth unemployment? We are basically back to pre-2008 levels. Which have been an all time low.

Same is true for overall unemployment as well.

We rock at science! Now if only the national government would fund us accordingly.

Has anybody said Europe is full? 

Does anybody actually still remember the horrible high rise buildings that dominated European cities in the 1980′s? I used to call them “instant social problems”, “just add people”. 

I show that I am Austrian, because this one made me very happy …

We recycle a lot more than we used to!

not only is our energy coming from more green sources, we manage to produce a lot more with the same amount of energy and less waste.

Climate Change, what we do shows effect, and keep in mind while emitting less greenhouse gas, we actually produce more.

But please, it might look awesome that we already met the 2020 target, but that is only the beginning, we need to do a lot more! What this shows us however, is that it can be done. The message here isn’t “we’ve done it”, the message here is that this is the way to do it. Looking at the new electric Jaguar and Porsche for example, it no longer feels like that doing the right thing, is a backward step. We need to continue to make a green future look desirable.

Europe is a safe place. Crime is going down. And people don’t just get shot here. Not in the past and even a lot less now.

So here you have it. Not everything is getting worse. Many things get better, most actually.

Europeans spend between two and thirteen minutes per day reading…

Europeans spend between two and thirteen minutes per day reading books

A survey carried out in 15 EU countries between 2008 and 2015 shows that the average time spent reading books ranges from 2 minutes per day in France and 5 minutes in Italy, Austria and Romania to 10 or more minutes in Estonia (00:13), Finland and Poland (both 00:12) and Hungary (00:10). The survey covered the age group 20 to 74.

Source dataset is available here:

Prevalence of cannabis use in the EUWhat I find interesting and…

Prevalence of cannabis use in the EU

What I find interesting and positively reassuring is that, while cannabis is legal in the Netherlands, they are not nearly at the top of the list here.