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Έβρος – Αυστριακοί κομάντος σε Τούρκους: «Εδώ είναι η χώρα μας, υπερασπιζόμαστε τα ευρωπαϊκά σύνορα»:

Yesterday Austria  EKO Cobra specia forces came face to face with the Turkey authorities, Turks shouted at them: “What are you doing here, is not your country” & the Austrians responded: “Here is our country and we are defending the EU border.”
Cobra’s patrol below in Evros

POLAND, the next HURRICANE of the EU?

Ireland secures €530m EU funding for electricity line

The Problem with the President (EU Edition) – VisualPolitik EN

Did you know that life expectancy gender gap is the lowest in the  Netherlands, and the highest in  Latvia?


Life expectancy at birth increased in 2017 only for men

Africa-Europe Cookbook: A Selection of Recipes from the two Continents:

The Eurozone’s ‘Japanification’:

But is this really all bad? 

One of the biggest GDP drivers is population growth, which in Europe, like Japan before, has all but stagnated.

I am not saying that Japan didn’t make any mistakes in the last 30 years, they most certainly did. But despite all that the Japanese are still very wealthy, with some of the highest quality of life in world. 

Maybe we Europeans shouldn’t fear less growth and, instead of repeat the mistakes of Japan, we should learn from them and embrace a much more stable economy. 

Which European countries are the most expensive?: