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Europawahl vorbei! Und jetzt? Rezos Auswirkung + Ergebnisse! 

Der Rechtsruck wurde bei der Europawahl gestoppt!

In Grafiken: Die wahre Größe der EU:

Global market size in GDP:

The US has a smaller population, so GDP PPP is noticeably higher. China is the opposite. What is worth mentioning is that this doesn’t give any indication how the wealth is distributed among the population. Rich US citizens are a lot richer than in the EU, but how about the average citizen? 

Debt in % of GDP:

How much does each block pay for healthcare in % of GDP:

Interesting that US citizens, with the worst healthcare plan, pay the most.

CO2 Emissions:

A clear winner, or looser here. Positive side node, the EU actually managed to reduce CO2 emissions in the last 20 years. Just. Because what the graph doesn’t show is that they increased again after 2012, and are almost back to where they were.

PuTTY Change Log:

Security fixes found by an EU-funded bug bounty programme:

  • a remotely triggerable memory overwrite in RSA key exchange, which can occur before host key verification
  • potential recycling of random numbers used in cryptography
  • on Windows, hijacking by a malicious help file in the same directory as the executable
  • on Unix, remotely triggerable buffer overflow in any kind of server-to-client forwarding
  • multiple denial-of-service attacks that can be triggered by writing to the terminal

FE031 Agrarpolitik:

HEUTE-SHOW: 🇪🇺 Caros EUROPA-Blog 🇪🇺

Ein eigenes Budget für die Eurozone:

Die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa rücken einen kleinen Schritt näher.

“European Balcony Project” – Künstler rufen die Republik Europa aus