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China and France sign deals worth $15 billion during Macron’s visit

Studie: EU in den letzten Jahren toleranter geworden:

Just seen a bunch of Brexiteers complaining about how disgustingly the EU is treating Northern Ireland and the ROI over the backstop by playing games with the Good Friday agreement for their own selfish ends and it’s official: Brexiteers do indeed occupy a different basic reality than the rest of us because holy shit.

The Problem with the President (EU Edition) – VisualPolitik EN

Spring 2019 Standard Eurobarometer: Europeans upbeat about the state of the European Union – best results in 5 years

Workshop The long road towards an EU-India Free Trade Agreement:

An interesting document highlighten the difficulties of a FTA, in this case between the EU and India, and why negotiations have stopped in 2008.

4.2 Challenges to Liberalization of Trade in Services 

4.2.1 Non-harmonised EU market 

India wants broad-based commitments from the EU in services, especially with respect to temporary
movement of people
or Mode 4. However, unlike goods, the EU does not have a single market for
services and most of the issues related to the movement of people such as work permits and visas are at
the Member State level. Regulations and conditions differ across the Member States. Member States
have residency and nationality requirements and economic needs tests for foreign investments as well
as professional movement. Lack of harmonisation of qualifications and professional standards have
made it difficult for Indian professionals to service the EU markets. In an attempt to harmonise the EU
labour market, the Blue Card Directive was introduced in 2009. However, this Directive has limitations as
each Member State will continue to maintain the right to determine the number of immigrant workers
that can be admitted into the domestic labour market through the Blue Card scheme. In addition, while
few Member States such as Austria, Cyprus and Greece have not yet transposed the provisions of the EU
Blue Card into their respective national legislations, others such as the UK and Netherlands are not in
favour of the policy

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EU redoubles threat to retaliate if U.S. raises auto tariffs


EU Budget Contribution per Capita.

Top contributors are:

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Denmark
  3. Ireland
  4. Sweden
  5. Finland
  6. Belgium
  7. Austria