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#W4EU letter to Europe

For Valentine’s Day, we wanted to say #ThankEU for all the amazing benefits being part of the #EU brings. From maternity rights to cleaner seas, this is our thank you to Europe

Photo: Brussels lit up its main square in Union Jack colours to say goodbye to the British, who are leaving the EU today. They continue to show us more respect, kindness and friendship than we ever showed them or ever deserved. (source)

POLAND, the next HURRICANE of the EU?

Schädlich für Embryos: EU verbietet gefährliches Insektizid

China and France sign deals worth $15 billion during Macron’s visit

Studie: EU in den letzten Jahren toleranter geworden:

Just seen a bunch of Brexiteers complaining about how disgustingly the EU is treating Northern Ireland and the ROI over the backstop by playing games with the Good Friday agreement for their own selfish ends and it’s official: Brexiteers do indeed occupy a different basic reality than the rest of us because holy shit.

The Problem with the President (EU Edition) – VisualPolitik EN

Spring 2019 Standard Eurobarometer: Europeans upbeat about the state of the European Union – best results in 5 years