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My parents, who did not vote in the EU elections, have predictably spent the whole morning bitching and moaning about the EU election results.

They hate that we haven’t left the EU yet but are pissed that the Brexit Party did so well.

No wonder I never tell them who I vote for. They once said they’d throw me out if they found out I voted Labour, but have no idea what their reaction to the Lib Dems would be outside of my dad thinking Nick Clegg is a waste of space.

Only 36.7% of voters in the UK could be bothered to make a short trip to vote in the EU elections at a time when our relationship with the EU is the single most domineering thing going on in all of our nation’s politics and the result of this ideological fight will influence the country and all who live in it for years if not generations to come.

And of the 36.7% who decided to bother, we’re split pretty much down the middle in terms of if we want to not bother with Brexit, or if we want to crash out with the most ludicrously damaging Brexit possible.

In other news that may or may not currently be related to both of the above points, I’m severely depressed and have long ago run out of alcohol to drown that feeling out.

Holy shit the Lib Dems did better in my neck of the woods the South East than I expected them to.

Sure they trail the Brexit Party but a strong second place finish. Good to know my vote wasn’t a piss in the wind like usual.

Catherine Bearder re-elected, Lib Dems gaining 2 more MEPs, Tory vote falling way back, Greens gaining an MEP.

About as silver-lined of a mixed bag as I could expect from the South East tbh.

So as of when I took this picture:

Pro-Brexit parties: 35.1% (Brexit + UKIP)

Anti-Brexit parties: 36.1% (Lib Dems, Green, Change UK)

… so well done, in terms of an opinion barometer on Brexit this is a dalliance with absolute fucking pointlessness.

At the end of all of this the votes cast for unambiguously pro-hard Brexit parties (UKIP and Brexit Party) is probably going to end up being very damn close with the total votes cast for unambiguously anti-Brexit parties (Lib Dems, Greens, Change UK) thus telling us largely fuck all at the end of all of this other than “fuck we sure are divided over Brexit aren’t we guys?”

The only major takeaway with any substance is that both the Tories and Labour have clowned themselves over Brexit in uniquely stupid ways and taken a brutal hit for their troubles.

I’m fucking dreading the South East result. I really don’t like being confronted with how many people around me are fucking ill-informed lunatic reactionary tantruming scumbags.

Gonna be interesting seeing Brexiteers hollering about these results being the will of the people when the turnout is consistently in the low 30% range and most of their vote is just transferring from UKIP’s already-sitting MEPs that just defected to the Brexit Party.

Just sayin’

It’s basically a vote to say “UKIP cretins are still angry because they’re always angry.”

If you, regular average person of the UK, genuinely believe that in pushing for a hard Brexit people like Nigel Farage, Annunziata Rees-Mogg and Anne Widdecombe have your best interests at heart, then… no there is nothing here, just stop being so fucking stupid.

There’s a good reason the Tories and rich cretins who used to be Tories are clamouring for a hard Brexit, and it’s not because they want the freedom to help you that the EU is denying them. 

They want the freedom to help themselves at your expense and the EU’s laws and regulations are currently stopping them from being able to utterly 100% fuck you over.

Your life isn’t difficult and the economy isn’t hard on you because the EU is forcing the Tories to be monsters. They’re monsters through and through and without having to obey EU laws they’ll be free to be even fucking worse.

EU elections: combatting far right disinformation

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