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one of the best signs from trump’s visit today

one of the best signs from trump’s visit today



donald trump is in the uk, and up goes the baby trump blimp in london

he’s beautiful

donald trump is in the uk, and up goes the bab…

donald trump is in the uk, and up goes the baby trump blimp in london


We’ve gone from “football’s coming home and the Tories are collapsing in record time” to “football isn’t coming home, also here’s Trump” within like a day and I’m not happy about it at all.


President Donald Trump, a man the subject of several civil lawsuits as well as an ongoing criminal investigation in the form of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, has just nominated to the Supreme Court a man who is on the record as thinking that the President of the United States is above the law, to the point of previously having encouraged Congress to take up legislation exempting the President from being subpoena’d and giving the President immunity from indictment or even criminal investigation while in office.

I get the worry over things like voting rights or the future of Roe v Wade, but I feel like the fact that the President wants to place, on the highest judiciary authority in the nation, someone who believes the President is exempt from criminal investigation or indictment, while said President is under criminal investigation, needs to get more attention in all this madness.

Trump is trying to stack the judiciary specifically to put himself above the law.

In the United States, nobody is or should be above the law. Not even the President.

And to hammer the point home to any of Trump’s base who think because Trump is President that the President should be above the law: If Hillary Clinton was elected President instead, would you all say the e-mail nonsense or the Benghazi nonsense should be dropped and forgotten about, just because she was President?

No? Didn’t think so.

Chronology of U.S.-North Korean Nuclear and Mi…

Chronology of U.S.-North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy | Arms Control Association:

Just a little something for all the people who genuinely think what Trump just did is some great unprecedented victory for the world and the USA.

He basically gave numerous military concessions and validated a brutal dictator on the world stage, all for the sake of some fresh propaganda for North Korea and a vague agreement that they’ve already vaguely agreed to but never bothered to in any way follow through on like dozens of times.

This was not a victory. It was pointless nonsense.

And if you still don’t get it, just imagine how Trump’s current cheer squad would have reacted if Obama met with Kim Jong Un and promised an end to military exercises in South Korea in exchange for some vague super-serious pinky promise about maybe abandoning the nuclear program this time.

Boris Johnson uses Fox & Friends to urge Trump…

Boris Johnson uses Fox & Friends to urge Trump to stay in Iran deal:

This is just where the world’s politics is right now.

An embarrassing bumblefuck of a Foreign Secretary has to go on Fox News, the ‘racist uncle’ of television news networks, to try and convince a walking disaster of a man-child that the US currently reluctantly calls its President to stay in the Iran nuclear deal, a crucially important diplomatic arrangement.

What is even the hell with anything any more?

The only wall Donald Trump has actually built …

The only wall Donald Trump has actually built is The Rachel Maddow Show’s “Trump Administration Departures” wall and it is indeed a big, beautiful wall.

My birthday is July 13th.

My birthday is July 13th.

I’m not sure if this is going to be the worst birthday present ever, or the best birthday present ever.

I mean I hate the fucker with every fibre of my being, but the news reports about the protests he’s inevitably going to be met with will surely be good for a hell of a laugh if nothing else.


Lads Trump’s visit to the UK has finally been announced and poetic justice: he’s coming on Friday 13th (July)