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Trump said he would erase America’s debt in 8 years. It’s now bigger than ever.

Trump said he would erase America’s debt in 8 years. It’s now bigger than ever.:

And people worry about the Italian budget destabilising the world economy?


On the one hand I don’t believe any significant number of true die-hard Trump fans will ever abandon him no matter how hideous he gets.

On the other hand since the New York Times op-ed came out and Trump flew off the handle to “literally give my own staff lie detector tests” levels of paranoid delusional rage I’ve seen numerous people now claiming that they only really voted for Trump because they knew he’d get impeached and they wanted Mike Pence as President.

I don’t know if that’s a sign of his base of support really actually eroding to a degree that should be worrying for him, or if it’s just morons lying to themselves to pretend they weren’t scammed into making a massive mistake. 

But it’s kind of hilarious.

Also hilarious that the line among some of them now has degraded from “Trump is the best President ever, this is all fake news by triggered Democrats and Trump will have 8 glorious years” to “well we want him impeached anyway.”

The United States is now facing a very real Co…

Look regardless of which side of the pro-Trump or anti-Trump divide you come down on, it is now undeniable that the United States of America is facing a Constitutional crisis in relation to the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

In light of recent legal revelations and convictions and flipping, let’s lay out the two alternative scenarios of what’s going on right now, shall we?

Scenario #1: If Trump and his fanclub at Fox News is right about all of this then the situation stands right now as the FBI going totally rogue from top to bottom and, with the help of a grand conspiracy from the American news media, launching effectively what is a coup de tat against the sitting President by inventing evidence out of nothing just to destroy him and remove him from office.

Scenario #2: President Trump has been surrounding himself for so long with crooks and corrupt criminals to such a thorough extent that he is either such a horrifically poor judge of character that allowing him to continue as President becomes fundamentally untenable, or he himself is such a crook that it eclipses Nixon at his absolute worst to such a degree that allowing him to continue as President becomes fundamentally untenable.

No matter which worldview on this you ascribe to, the United States is facing a full-on Constitutional crisis.

Either entire American institutions are actively trying to overthrow the President for their own ends, or the President is an absolute shameless criminal.

I know which one I think is more likely…

This whole sit-down is good but the best part …

This whole sit-down is good but the best part is from 7:37 where Lawrence gives his prediction of the end of the Trump Presidency. 

He doesn’t predict it’ll happen exactly as he elaborates but I can think of no better or more fitting way for Trump’s regime to end than him being forcibly marched by the Secret Service out of the White House after trying to refuse to leave following his defeat to a female Democrat.

It’ll just be so perfect.


You know I rail against Donald Trump a lot, and don’t get me wrong he is utterly and completely evil.

But the thing is on balance I prefer Donald Trump’s evil to our own country’s Tory evil.

Why? Because his evil is so blatant that it’s impossible for any sensible person to ignore it. It’s brazen, loud, arrogant, in-your-face, fuck-you evil obviously designed to make everyone else hate the prick while galvanising his increasingly narrow base of fanatical devotees who the rest of humanity would much rather pretend don’t exist out of shame of sharing a species with them.

That’s terrific evil because you know it’s there.

The Tories’ brand of evil is far worse because it’s precisely as disgustingly evil as Trump but it’s so benign and outright boring and grey that most people just seem to tune it out. They’re doing horrible things but because they do it in such a nondescript and mind-numbingly boring fashion it either makes most people jut tune it into the background white noise, or it dresses itself in such a generically ‘standard’ look that it makes otherwise sensible people just go along with it.

Like, Trump’s fans are morons but the divide is obvious. Anyone who supports him has a galloping case of the crazies and everyone who doesn’t knows that about them and pick it out immediately.

With a Tory voter you can be talking to them for hours and they’re a perfectly reasonable and friendly and personable person and it’s only later that you realise what fucking horrors they willingly vote for and it shatters your idea of them.

The hardest evil to fight is the evil that is so boring that most people don’t even realise it exists.

That’s the Tories.

Trump is obviously evil and the divide between those who know that and those who think it’s worth the destruction of America just to ‘trigger’ liberals is clear as day, the battle lines easily defined.

Now I’ve written this and tagged it with Trump-related hashtags it’s going to be fun seeing the Trump loyalists precisely prove my point by embarrassing themselves in the notes of this one.

EU and US launch talks in bid to quell trade tensions

EU and US launch talks in bid to quell trade tensions:

Details are neither inked nor out yet, so it if probably a bit premature to comment, … but: From what I have heard from the media so far, this basically sounds like Trump just gave the EU everything they ever wanted for the last 20 years with little to nothing in return?

Because of the trade imbalance between the EU and US, every US government since the 90′s insisted that a removal on trade barriers on industrial goods would require the EU to accept American intellectual property and weakening standards (on food, safety and environment) to allow American mass farmed products to flood EU markets.

But from what I read so far, Trump is happy if we promise to buy a bit more LNG and soybeans from them?

“What you are seeing … is not what’s ha…

“What you are seeing … is not what’s happening.”

Well ladies and gentlemen, there it is. 18 months into his Presidency and Donald Trump has officially gone full-on Nineteen Eighty Four on everyone.

one of the best signs from trump’s visit today

one of the best signs from trump’s visit today



donald trump is in the uk, and up goes the baby trump blimp in london

he’s beautiful

donald trump is in the uk, and up goes the bab…

donald trump is in the uk, and up goes the baby trump blimp in london