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after two cabinet resignations, a completely s…

after two cabinet resignations, a completely shit brexit plan, and rumours of a snap general election, let’s take a glance back to what we were promised for 2015-2020.

David Davis resigns as Brexit secretary

David Davis resigns as Brexit secretary:

Brexit negotiations be like…


Revealed: plans for Doomsday Brexit

Revealed: plans for Doomsday Brexit:

Apparently people in the UK are shocked to discover that shop shelves will be empty after only a few days. 

This comes to no surprise to me, and it should’t to anybody else. Below some pictures I took of what supermarkets in Scotland looked like last winter, when slightly heavier than usual snow interrupted the just in time supply chain for only 3 days:


So if you support hard Brexit, food and fuel shortages is a price you must be willing to pay. And the is not fear-mongering, just an inevitable consequence:


UK’s unemployment suffers unexpected rise

UK’s unemployment suffers unexpected rise:

What do you mean “unexpected”?

And the obvious market reaction: Pound Decline Deepens as U.K. Jobless Rate Unexpectedly Climbs (Bloomberg) 

And keep in mind, this is old data, so the recently announced manufacturing and banking layoffs will not be factored into these numbers for another quarter or two.

If you have recently been fired due to Brexit, remember to keep a steep upper lip, and be cheerful. After all, it won’t be as bad as a Mad Max-style world!

Brexit UK ‘won’t be Mad Max-style world’

Brexit UK ‘won’t be Mad Max-style world’:

Brexit as promised in 2016:

Brexit as promised in 2018:

Britain will not be “plunged into a Mad Max-style world borrowed from
dystopian fiction” after it leaves the EU, the Brexit secretary has

Well, that should set the bar nice and low. Brits can expect something slightly better than a Mad Max style wasteland. 

Firing banknotes out of cannons into Channel ‘cheaper than Brexit’, say experts

Firing banknotes out of cannons into Channel ‘cheaper than Brexit’, say experts:

By replacing present policy with the construction of enormous cannons on
the cliffs of Dover, stuffed with cash and able to fire twice per
minute, British taxpayers could save billions.


“Another option is to invest 20 per cent of our GDP in gold dust and
introduce it to the water supply so that as a country we would literally
piss it away.”

Everything you need to know about the Brexit endgame in five minutes

Everything you need to know about the Brexit endgame in five minutes:

Good analysis by Ian Dunt … 

Things are going OK, right? We’ve got that first-phase agreement. Next they’ll talk transition and then a trade deal. Maybe everything’s going to be alright.

Hah, you poor fool. No, we’re still screwed. Take a closer look at that first-phase agreement. […]

The problem lies in Section 49, which you can read here[…]

Why don’t you summarise it for me instead.

It pledges there will be no hard border between North and South Ireland. There are three stages to preventing it. First through the “overall EU-UK relationship”. If that fails, through “specific solutions”. And if that fails, through “full alignment” on the rules of the single market and customs union.

But just for Northern Ireland?

No, the deal also rules out a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, so any regulatory alignment here counts for all of us.

What’s the problem?

The first stage is impossible by virtue of government policy, the second stage is impossible by virtue of objective reality and the third stage just makes no sense at all.


… and remember, this agreement is legally binding!

Full article can be found here and is well worth reading:

Meanwhile in Brexitland

This letter from David Davis (Minister for DExEU) to Theresa May (Prime Minister) has been optained and published by Financial Times

The letter has since been confirmed real by No10.

James O’Brien Analysis Of David Davis’ “No Deal” Letter Is Devastating

So yeah, if you are sitting in Europe still thinking: nobody can be that stupid, this must be some kind of trick. No, it isn’t. They really are that incompetent.

Brexit studies not what you think – Davis

Brexit studies not what you think – Davis:

David Davis had a choice between either admitting to willing destroy the country,
or being seen as a lying incompetent fool. 

He choose the later.

Good call!