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In the centre of Brussels.

Agenda: Events in Geneva could make the London drama pointless:

IT would be easy to be distracted by the stramash at Westminster but it is worth the odd glance at events in Geneva to realise that the breathless drama in London might well be entirely pointless. After all it is in the sleepy Swiss city, not London, that the Brexiters have promised Britannia will once again launch herself as a totally independent and glorious trading state.

Sadly, a bit like everything else to do with Brexit, it is demonstrably not going to plan. This matters because the Brexiters’ Plan B (“We’ll just revert to WTO terms”) is as unfit for purpose as their Plan A.

Guess what? In a staggering development foreseen by literally everybody except Liam Fox, at the end of October countries began to challenge.

This escalated just last week when tiny insignificant economies like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Taiwan, Thailand, the US and Uruguay joined the fun. They signed a joint document demanding the establishment of a mechanism to provide “appropriate compensation” to ensure they do not end up worse off from the establishment of the UK’s schedules.Is this the real crisis in Brexit? Yes it is. The WTO is the arbiter of international trade and the UK is not on the starting grid. Instead of doing the work, Dr Fox tried to find a quick fix and it has failed,

He goes on explaining in very simple and easy to understand terms, why the No Deal / WTO option isn’t an option at all. I would recommend to read on …

I did mentioned this before, but never summarised it so beautifully. Here a list of previous posts about this very subject:

Unfortunately the population inside the UK is vastly unaware of this situation.

British government to host summit on why other countries should join the EU:

… is this what you call British sense of humour?

British MEP: ‘Brexit is a selfish act against the EU’: