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If the chain reaction of bullshit that was started by the Brexit vote ultimately ends with Jacob Rees-Mogg as Prime Minister, then nobody who is pro-Brexit can ever claim it was a victory for the disenfranchised working class ever again.

I swear at this point our government’s only re…

I swear at this point our government’s only real plan for Brexit negotiations is just to throw out whatever idea they happen to be thinking of at the time and just pray that they can get away with it and that somehow nobody would ever notice how stupid it is.

Then when called on it, they immediately back down. They form a new huddle, and the outcome is that they propose some other nonsense idea that’s immediately laughed out of the room.

I think literally anyone could do a better job of it than our government is currently managing. Just pick like 5 people off the street at random. Don’t even tell them what they’re doing, just bundle them blindfolded into the back of a van and dump them out in Brussels. They’d still get on better than Theresa May’s embarrassing lunatics.


I don’t know who I hate more: The Tory governm…

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Can we make that no-confidence vote a national…

Can we make that no-confidence vote a national referendum? 

Because I would goddamn tapdance to the polling station with bells on to vote ‘no confidence’ in this Skeksis.


Oh my god, shut up!

Oh my god, shut up!

I never thought I’d say it but: Thank you, Vince Cable.



I know I generally favour Labour over the Tories (hell I’d favour a stiff kick to the crotch over the Tories) but this is the kind of thing that makes me way more hesitant in doing so than most anyone else I know who supports Labour.

It just kind of baffles me when it seems that a majority of young voters drastically oppose Brexit and want to stay in the EU including the single market, and a majority of young voters support Labour under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, but yet he keeps doing things like this. 

And yet somehow they are unwavering in their support despite him seemingly going along with the Tories’ line about how Brexit needs to happen and needs to be the hard version of it.

I dunno. Maybe this is the Brexit-hating Lib Dem part of my political identity breaking through more than usual but still.

Oh sure, let’s give the disastrous monster eve…

Oh sure, let’s give the disastrous monster even more things to fuck up!

It can no longer be denied that the Tories have a deeply-rooted pathological and ideological hatred of our nation’s health service and want it actively destroyed, burned, sold off in chunks like scrap and the land it occupied salted for the rest of time.

Oh, and Boris Johnson is still Foreign Secretary. Because of course he is.



Today in a discussion about politics it took me about half an hour to remember what the name of the UKIP party leader is.

That’s probably not a good sign for their future prospects, if someone as politically obsessive and motivated by hatred as I am can’t recall the name of the leader of one of the parties they hate the most.


On the one hand I’m a Labour supporter who is happy that Jeremy Corbyn is leading Labour back to being a proper challenge to the Tories and their hideous government after Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband kind of screwed the pooch on the matter.

But on the other hand I’m a Liberal Democrat supporter who deep down is pissed off that what the aforementioned point does is help to reinforce the bullshit and broken two-party dynamic that’s been a complicit factor in throttling the life out of the democracy of this country and that desperately needs to be replaced.

… and yes, I said I’m partly a Liberal Democrat supporter. Bring on the anger.


Well I know what the first political book I’m reading in 2018 is going to be, after I’m finished with the Wheel of Time series… and if Maybot is still PM by the time that happens.