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How the Liberal Democrats could have better handled themselves post-2015:

  1. Keep Nick Clegg as leader – I’m not even kidding. As much as people may laugh at the guy’s misfortune he was their leader for a reason and was the best among them at least at being the prominent politician type. He was affable, charming, charismatic, personable, and looked every bit the part. I mean come on, could anyone, even true party die-hard loyalists, really picture Tim Farron as Prime Minister?
  2. If unable to keep Clegg, pick Norman Lamb – I wasn’t exactly inspired by Norman Lamb in the leadership contest between him and Farron. But the Liberal Democrats were always going to have to deal with coalition baggage regardless. With Lamb they’d have had that, sure, but at least they would only have that. Rather than juggling both that and Tim Farron’s idiotic ‘gay sex’ nonsense that killed the party’s chances in 2017 before the starting pistol even fired on their campaign.
  3. Immediately own up to the mistake of coalition – I’m more forgiving than most when it comes to the Liberal Democrats and their actions in coalition with the Tories, but this should have been a no-brainer. I get they wanted to frame their work as a positive and that argument could have worked logically, but logic and politics don’t mix too well sometimes. They should have come out immediately with a hard line under coalition, admitted they fucked up royal by agreeing to it, and went from that as their baseline when mentioning it. It just plays better in terms of political optics, which is what the party needs.
  4. Go hard in on the Tories on everything – I remember reading their 2017 manifesto and in the introduction they basically pitch their whole campaign as “elect us as the Opposition” which is bonkers. They spent more time going after Labour than anyone else it feels like. Rule 1 of politics should be if you aren’t the Tories, spend every waking moment raking those born-to-rule pony-fuckers over every set of hot coals you can find. Don’t go after the fucking Opposition, especially not after you just got out of coalition with the Tories and want to be taken seriously again and not just labelled as Tory-enablers.
  5. Chill it on the Brexit thing – This is the most controversial among Lib Dems, probably. Look, I voted Remain and still believe Brexit is a fucking car crash unfolding at Inception-level slow motion. But hitching your entire political identity to “we don’t like Brexit” is… well yeah it makes you stand out a bit but it limits you so much. I didn’t know anyone, even among my political active circle of friends, who knew what the fuck the Liberal Democrats either stood for or wanted to do outside of just “another referendum” during the 2017 general election.

… I don’t know what this post is or why I decided it needed to exist, I just had this on my mind today and wanted to ramble my half-baked ideas off somewhere.

Theresa May to release paper setting out Brita…

Theresa May to release paper setting out Britain’s Brexit vision:

Hey, would you look at that. 

2 years after the referendum and less than 1 year until what used to be the hard deadline for Brexit negotiations to be completed and our government finally deigns to tell their public what their Brexit vision actually is.

I feel like we should have gotten this a lot sooner. Say… at least before the general election the PM called where she campaigned on getting the electorate to trust her with Brexit.

Unite and Momentum back rival candidates in Le…

Unite and Momentum back rival candidates in Lewisham byelection:

Oh look, the Labour party is divided within itself about a decision. What a shocking, unexpected and unprecedented turn of events…

House Of Lords Votes To Defeat Government And …

House Of Lords Votes To Defeat Government And Revive Leveson Inquiry:

It shouldn’t be possible to make me genuinely like the House of Lords because I hate the idea of them even as a concept and want it abolished, but apparently the Tories are just so shitty that unelected pricks in a Parliamentary Chamber that shouldn’t exist are a preferable alternative to our elected government.

That’s almost impressive in a really fucked up way.

British government to host summit on why other…

British government to host summit on why other countries should join the EU:

Go home 2018, you’re drunk.


Today I put a £5 bet on Theresa May being replaced as Prime Minister in 2019.

Would have done this year but I feel like the harridan’s going to hang on through to the new year, but sometime next year when the finalisation of her Brexit plan gets repeatedly fucked over by her own incompetence is when she’ll probably finally fuck off.

I don’t think any of her MPs, while publicly slagging her plan off, want the hassle of having to replace her while Brexit is still being negotiated. They’ll wait until afterwards, claim the deal she got was shit (which it will be for myriad reasons, not least of which is her aforementioned incompetence) then challenge her for the leadership.

I would have put a double on who her replacement is but the going favourite is Jacob Rees-Mogg and I don’t think I could live with myself if I made money off of that cretinous fuckbasket in any way.


Look, at the end of the day if Jacob Rees-Mogg is in favour of something then by definition that thing cannot be good for the ‘common man’ or the working class.

Have you ever seen or heard him? He is the definition of a privileged snooty posh-boy twat-features Tory. He is not a friend of the working class, he only wants Brexit because he wants the UK and a Tory government to be free of the burdensome regulations of the EU that protect shit like workers’ rights and enforce minimum employment standards.

He wants a free-for-all race to the bottom among business where they’re free to exploit both employees and consumers as much as possible in pursuit of an ever-fruitful bottom line with no regard for peoples’ wellbeing or livelihood.

If you are on the lower end of the class spectrum and think Jacob Rees-Mogg is on your side, then you are being taken for a ride.

Home Office told of Windrush errors five years…

Home Office told of Windrush errors five years ago, experts say:

Hey, remember who was Home Secretary in 2013?

Oh, that’s right. Theresa May.

So… when can we expect your resignation, Prime Minister?

So I’m browsing random news articles about the…

And honestly I feel this in my fucking soul.


If you want a visual representation of why I feel kind of politically adrift in some ways, I just quickly ran through a quiz on who I should vote for (it’s for the 2017 general election but it’s not like any massive policy changes have totally changed the landscape since then) and behold:


Obviously I’m in England so the SNP and Plaid Cymru are out but… yeah, that’s a quick snapshot of a general overview of my political leanings right now.

You can see why I feel conflicted.

  • Greens as the most but still only just above 75%, and with no hope of winning either locally for me or nationally
  • Liberal Democrats at just under 74% with a better chance for me locally but nationally a long-shot to say the very least.
  • Labour trailing at 68% but they’re the party with the best national shot.

Now some will look at that and the obvious solution is ‘just vote Labour then’ but while I admit my pragmatic side sees that (and I have voted Labour the last couple of times I’ve voted) my sense of political idealism keeps me up at night with this kind of back-and-forth nonsense.

Conclusion: Being a left-wing liberal in this country kind of sucks.

P.S: If you’re wondering, UKIP got 36% on that test, the Tories got 30%.