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Dutch flaunt Brexit booty with EU agency opening

“To my British friends,

The EU27 has formally adopted the extension. It may be the last one. Please make the best use of this time.

I also want to say goodbye to you as my mission here is coming to an end. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.”

An extension and an election…

Today was supposed to be Brexit day. Instead, the EU granted an extension to January 31st, and Boris Johnson managed to get an election scheduled for December 12th.

Looks to be an intense campaign, with a hard-to-predict outcome, as always with Brexit-related developments. Can the Lib-Dems pull off a coalition win with Labour, or will Johnson get his wish of a Parliament that passes his deal? Despite one of the largest protests in UK history last week, public opinion remains split on how to move forward. No end to the drama in sight…

“So what just happened?

In brief: the bill seeking to put into law Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal was passed by MPs on its second reading, the initial opportunity that MPs have to vote on a bill. It passed by 329 votes to 299, the first time the Commons has formally approved a Brexit plan. However, only 20 minutes later, MPs rejected the government’s so-called programme motion, which set out the accelerated timetable for the bill, by 308 votes in favour to 322 against….

So what happens now?

Under a backbench-instigated law intended to ward off a no-deal Brexit, Johnson wrote to the EU on Saturday to formally request a delay to departure until the 31st of January, despite the PM not wanting this to happen. Responding in the Commons, Johnson said he would “pause this legislation” and await information from the EU on a possible delay. In the interim, he said, no-deal preparations would be ramped up. For now, the bill is “in limbo”, Speaker John Bercow said, using what he said was the technical term.”

you know what? “get brexit done so I can see Cher” is just about the only single argument that could remotely appeal to me at this point


Donald Tusk on Twitter:

If you are confused by yesterday’s Brexit action, you are not
alone…Parliament voted on an amendment to prevent a vote on Johnson’s
deal and force him to ask for an extension.


“The Commons convenes at 9.30am with a statement from Boris Johnson on the Brexit deal he has negotiated with the EU, followed by questions.

The motion on the deal follows afterwards, to be opened by another minister. It is only when this debate begins that we will know which amendments have been selected for a vote by the Speaker, John Bercow.

The number of amendments will affect the length of the process, so the key vote could come any time from mid-afternoon to early evening. If the government loses the vote, the prime minister could then seek a vote on leaving without a deal, which is the only other way to avoid the so-called Benn Act – the backbench-created law that would compel Johnson to seek a Brexit extension if his deal is not passed or no deal is not approved.”

Down to the wire…

After some late night negotiations this week, the EU and UK have agreed on a draft text for the withdrawal agreement. Getting the deal through Parliament becomes the main challenge now. Early estimates put the margin very close. Can this deal succeed where the previous, and very similar deal, under PM May failed so many times?