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Brexit Party misses first deadline to form political group in European Parliament

Brexit Party misses first deadline to form political group in European Parliament:

Several Parliament officials said that Farage’s former “Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy” group had not been added to the official list. “Farage and Five Star doesn’t have a group,” said one official, referring to Italy’s Five Star movement which was also part of the EFDD.

Forming a group in the Parliament opens up funding, staff, and speaking time — and confers more influence in the legislature. If Farage doesn’t form a group, he will no longer sit at the front of the hemicycle, share a Secretary-General with other non-affiliated members and be granted significantly less speaking time than in the last Parliament.


The next PM

We found out this week that Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt will become the next UK PM. The winner will be announced late July.

It’s hard to see either coming up with a realistic strategy for Brexit going forward, but Johnson is clearly the more problematic of the two. He has a poor reputation among EU officials, perhaps for doing things like recently claiming the UK doesn’t actually have to pay its financial settlement to the EU.

The fear of a no deal outcome has resurged, given that the UK has spent much of its Brexit extension on a leadership contest instead of a way forward. The next PM will have to work fast if a breakthrough is to be had before the October deadline…


I mean at least now the weird fawning over Rory Stewart can end. It was more than a bit creepy and utterly stupid to begin with anyway.

Yes when asked during this leadership campaign he managed to sound moderately more sensible about Brexit than the rest of this gaggle of loathsome fucking monsters but that’s a ludicrously low bar to clear to the point where I’d wager almost everyone could do it without much effort at all.

Outside of that he’s still a generic Tory with all the bullshit that goes with that, and given recent polling showed that Tory voters are apparently more than willing to risk breaking up the UK and destroying the Tory party itself just to get their Brexit, nobody should be surprised that a Tory who’s capable of paying vague lip service to not setting everything on fire upon the satanic altar of Brexit ended up not making it to the finale of the Tory leadership contest.

We all knew we were going to get an absolute fucking cunt as our next Prime Minister, this changes nothing.

We’re all still fucked. Rory Stewart wasn’t a beacon of hope, he just seemed that way when stood directly next to slimeballs like Hunt and Gove or the dribbling ignoramus that is Boris Johnson.

Abandon all hope, it’s easier to accept the inevitable that way.

It says a lot about the absolute fucking lunat…

It says a lot about the absolute fucking lunatic state of the Tories that I legit had to Google these MPs just to make sure they didn’t actually name their child Brexit.

EU view of Tory leadership candidates deeply c…

EU view of Tory leadership candidates deeply critical, say sources:

“More governments are coming round to the tough position of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, who argued against a long extension on the grounds that Brexit would become a damaging and distracting burden for the EU.

Donald Tusk, the European council president, helped persuade member states to back a longer extension, which he urged the UK not to waste. “We were definitely on the other side of Macron,” the diplomat
recalled. “Now I think Macron was right. We were wrong. Tusk was wrong.”…

Asked about the Tory contest last month, Tusk said there was “nothing promising” in “the state of affairs in London”. Many in the EU would support an extension for what is known in
Brussels as “a democratic event”, meaning a general election or a second

“He stresses the Brexit conundrum is not down to an individual Tory
leader. “It is a question of the political system of the UK being unable
to answer to such a unique event in the life of the nation.”

Lamberts warns that nothing will change for May’s successor, as the
EU will refuse to reopen the withdrawal agreement, including the Irish
backstop. “Anyone who steps into Downing Street will face exactly the
same constraints. Saying you want to renegotiate this agreement is nice
and well, but it won’t happen,” he said.“

UK not paying Brexit bill would be debt default, French source says

UK not paying Brexit bill would be debt default, French source says

Oh for fuck’s sake, Jeremy!

Oh for fuck’s sake, Jeremy!

Boris Johnson to appear in court over miscondu…

Boris Johnson to appear in court over misconduct claims:

In the latest edition of “Brexiteers Don’t Und…

They’re all throwing a tantrum because Speaker of the House John Bercow had the audacity to remind the idiots running to lead the Nasty Party that no matter how much it might help their craven climb to power to say it, they can’t just force a No Deal Brexit through and yank us out of the EU on WTO terms unilaterally without Parliament’s say-so.

Because despite hating an ‘unelected dictatorship’ in Brussels, the Brexiteers are fine with an un-elected Tory leader bypassing our elected governmental body.

The Brexiteer idiots are literally screaming in anger because they don’t like Parliament having sovereignty.

Almost two-thirds of voters in favour of unite…

Almost two-thirds of voters in favour of united Ireland, exit poll results show: undefined