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‘No way to change’ Brexit deal, says Merkel after May visit

‘No way to change’ Brexit deal, says Merkel after May visit:

Unsurprising. Similar words followed by Junker and Tusk.

There is of course the other option that she just tries to delay the vote until the 21st of January, as this would leave less than 10 weeks until the 29th of Mrach 2019.

Regulated referendum period – The UK’s referendum legislation – the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act (PPERA) – specifies a minimum 10-week campaign period, during which campaign regulation applies.



The best way to understand May’s Brexit predicament is to imagine, instead, that 52% of the country voted for the government to build a battleship out of chocolate.

Everybody deep down knows it’s not remotely going to work but enough idiots were stupid enough to want it so she has to at least try and keep those morons happy to save her own skin because if she doesn’t the ‘United Kingdom Chocolate Battleship’ party will bounce back in the polling or something.

It’s an unfeasible waste of everybody’s time and money that serves no purpose but because enough idiots decided it was vitally necessary we’re all stuck with the stupid fucking thing.


The vote that never was…

It’s been quite a week for Brexit news. First, an important ruling came down from the European Court of Justice that the UK could unilaterally stop Brexit, before the exit date. Meaning, before March 29th, the UK still has the right to revoke article 50.

Then, after taking a continual beating from both sides of the government, PM May decided to delay the vote on the deal.

No one knows exactly what will happen next, but Bloomberg summed it up as: “Theresa May is kicking the can down an ever-shortening road.

The EU continues to repeat that the deal on the table is the only one available and cannot be renegotiated. Time is up. The EU could offer clarifications on how the deal would be implemented, but little else.

Thus, can May survive this political crisis, can she find a way to get the deal passed? And if not, what would a change in leadership or government mean? Is there time enough left to attempt a change in strategy?

Heidi Nordby Lunde (MP): “Well it sounds like you’re…

Heidi Nordby Lunde (MP): “Well it sounds like you’re confirming my worries about letting the UK into the EFTA platform and that it will immediately upset the balance within EFTA countries and again that would not be in my country’s interest.

4News Reporter: “You think we would mess it all up for you?

Heidi Nordby Lunde (MP): “I think you would mess it all up for us, the way you messed it all up for yourself.

From the clip posted here:

“Every possible outcome — May’s deal, an amen…

“Every possible outcome
May’s deal, an amended deal, no deal, a general election or a second
referendum — seems equally unlikely. But as a professional Brexit-watcher,
Anand Menon pointed out recently, even the most implausible of them may happen.” (Bloomberg)

Will FRANKFURT replace THE CITY after BREXIT? More about…


More about Frankfurt

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In light of recent revelations from the EU about how easy it would be revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit outright literally at any damn time, it just makes the Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn “Brexit Debate” idea even more incomprehensibly stupid.

By all means have the debate but at least include other political leaders who have views that aren’t stuck in “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic” mode about it.

If this whole debate nonsense is truly about informing the public of our options and arguing the case for them there is literally no good reason to block out other politicians making the case either for a final referendum or just for cancelling Article 50 and not bothering with any of this any more.

UK immigration in 2018: “You told me that your nationality is…

UK immigration in 2018: “You told me that your nationality is Greek but your passport shows you are Helenic citizen.”

Sky News: Adam Boulton interview – British in Europe

Sky News: Adam Boulton interview – British in Europe:

I will never understand why so many Brits are cheering at the prospect of ending their own free movement? 

Brexit bill goes to parliament…

From a recent Guardian politics podcast “what’s frustrating, is that people are arguing against the deal by way of waving unicorns about.”

PM May continues to struggle to get support for the Brexit deal she brought back from negotiations. However, the problem remains that no other realistic option has been presented by the deal’s opponents.

If the bill gets voted down, much speculation exists about what might happen. A leadership challenge? A new election? A new referendum?

However, all of these possibilities face serious challenges related to time. Three months remain, that is all, until the UK is out. No significant challenger to May has appeared yet, and Labour has been so unclear about what its opposition actually means, no one is sure what alternative they offer. If the Tories remain in power, it seems highly unlikely that a new referendum would occur.

Thus, it would come down to May somehow re-presenting the bill in a palatable way. Either because the threat of no deal becomes frightening enough economically, or because she manages to get some sort of small concession from the EU (though this seems unlikely, the EU does not want to make changes at this point, and really, what changes would please enough critics?).

The two biggest weaknesses for the UK remain, lack of time, and a lack of other realistic proposals. Either way, the vote will happen next week, on December 11th, and a decision will have to be made about the way forward…