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Stormzy (2018) and Dave (2020) at the Brit Awards

These gifs do not do these performances justice, especially Dave’s because of how much I had to cut out for giffing reasons, please watch the videos: Stormzy and Dave. Congratulations to Stormzy (British Male Solo Artist) and Dave (Album of The Year) for your wins at the 40th Brit Awards. 

So here’s a question for the room:

Boris Johnson and his Tory government were elected to a 5 year term in power in December. I know it’s painful to relive that but bear with me.

Their primary, and indeed only message, during that election was that people needed to vote for them to get Brexit done.

The UK has now left the EU.

I know all of us rational human beings know that now begins a fucking ceaseless eternity of trade negotiations and all other kind of bullshit but let’s be honest the “woo, go Brexit” crowd never cared about that and won’t start now.

For the majority of the lowest common denominator of Brexiteer shitheads, Brexit is now done. That’s why they held that dystopian carnival of horrors outside Parliament the other night.

So Johnson won 5 years on the promise to ‘get Brexit done’ and according to his idiot voters he’s now “got Brexit done” the very next month.

So what exactly do these idiots now get out of continuing to support him now? The only thing any of them cared about (enough to shout about but not enough to learn about) is now in their smug minds a total non-issue because it’s all totally over and done with.

So what the fuck else do these morons now think Johnson is going to do? He didn’t have any other cards to play, the entire election campaign was Brexit, Brexit and more fucking Brexit.

They’ve elected this screaming hellspawn to rule over them for 5 years and have no fucking knowledge of or interest in what that’s going to look like for 4 years and 11 months of it.


By Billy Childish, 2019.


“Because at Christmas, you tell the truth”

A Decade of The Tories.

Top British diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall quits with searing Brexit critique

Has anyone told Boris that it’s still only the 30th and that his ditch idea is still totally an option for him?

I’m watching Boris Johnson’s speech to the Conservative Party conference, you know, because I hate myself. And all I can think is:

This man is a moron and the idiots clapping for him are even bigger morons.