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In the centre of Brussels.

Photo: Brussels lit up its main square in Union Jack colours to say goodbye to the British, who are leaving the EU today. They continue to show us more respect, kindness and friendship than we ever showed them or ever deserved. (source)

Minister Andrew Doyle attends the ‘Greening’ of the Grand Place on St Patrick’s Day –

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There are twice as many pigs as inhabitants in Denmark


Le nombre de chômeurs passe sous la barre des 500.000, au plus bas depuis 37 ans:

Unemployment in Belgium at 37 year low.

If you haven’t heard about them before, please let me introduce you to the twin villages of Baarle-Hertog (Belgium) and Baarle-Nassau (Netherlands) and how the Dutch/Belgium border looks:

I kid you not. Bits of the Netherlands, inside of Belgium, inside of the Netherlands.

They say that
Baarle-Hertog is noted for its complicated borders with Baarle-Nassau. And that is put mildly.

If you wonder how this looks in the real life, well like that:

And these areas are indeed either in the Netherlands, or Belgium, and respective law applies. So if you run out of milk on Sunday, and your local shop is closed, as all shops in the Netherlands are on a Sunday, just cross the road and shop in the Belgium one. Just make sure you are back on the Dutch side if you feel like smoking some weed. 

Think that is silly? At one time, according to Dutch laws restaurants had to close earlier.
For some restaurants on the border this simply meant that the customers
had to move to a table on the Belgian side

The border even goes through buildings.

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For people to understand us Europeans, and why borders are not an option, one must understand our troubled past that let to places like Baarle-Hertog / Baarle-Nassau. And how we learned to make peace and live with it.

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Ghent – Belgium (by Marc Lambrechts