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lmao, the clown has literally copy/pasted Macron's end of the world rescue plan, translated it and slapped a UK gov logo on it. And when they inevitably fuck up the execution, they'll just blame Macron!

he hasn’t even gone as far as macron has even though the UK are currently set to have a worse outbreak than italy (if our current trajectory continues) hehe xx

– Dominique

On Page Six? did you see? The truth comes out on their real reason for breaking up with the RF. Prince Harry reportedly in talks with Goldman Sachs

Again I cannot stress enough how little I care about the Royal Family, but isn’t this related to his charity work? The fact that a member of the RF, a family of billionaires, is going to be a billionaire anyway is really… not shocking anyway. 

– Admin Dominique

Do you live in the UK?

Yes! We both do!

– Admin Dominique

The monarch. You post the royals all the time.

Personally I (Dominique) have no time for the royals at all. I could not care less about them. If monarchy was abolished tomorrow, I cannot stress how little I would care.

However, there are two admins on the blog and whilst I’m not sure of her exact views, I would speculate that she is more pro-monarchy than I am! Just as there are different views in the country, so too are there different views on the blog, ya?

Needless to say that if you don’t like something then you don’t have to follow us pal!

– Admin Dominique

So you’re anti Queen?

depends if u mean the band or the monarch

this blog is one of the only things getting me through all the brexit nonsense tbh

I’m glad we can be of some use. We all need to help each other out where possible during this mess.

– Admin Dominique

can u explain the black rod thing my head is fuckingjreijif

HA I don’t blame you, it is weird.

So the Black Rod is actually a person, and their role is almost entirely ceremonial. So for the annual state opening of Parliament, the Black Rod goes to the House of Commons (themselves coming from the Lords) to invite MPs to hear the Queen’s speech (the Queen’s speech is misleadingly written by the government, though it’s read out by the Queen – it outlines the government’s plans for that year).

Because of tradition, the Black Rod has the doors of the Commons slammed in their face, and they then have to knock 3 times using – you guessed it – a black rod. This is sort of symbolic of the House of Commons’ independence from the Crown/the Queen, as the Black Rod is the Queen’s representative in Parliament.

It can make for some pretty weird viewing, especially if you’re not from the UK, but you can see it here! This clip is from 2014 because Parliament hasn’t actually had a Queen’s speech in a while because Brexit means that the government(s) have decided to keep the Commons open.

In terms of right now, the reason people have recently been talking about Black Rod is because of her role in the prorogation of Parliament. Again, as a ceremonial thing, the Black Rod comes to fetch the Speaker of the House of Commons (John Bercow) to take him off to the House of Lords, which closes Parliament.

But because some MPs were mad about the prorogation, they protested when the Black Rod came to get Bercow – some shouted “no” when she asked him to come with her, and a few of them held up signs saying #silenced – as they believed that the government shutting down Parliament robbed them of their voices.

I hope that somewhat clears that bizarre phenomenon up!

– Admin Dominique

Why doesn't Greta go to China or India? Those countries are the main cause of global warming. Besides nobody asked her to do what she's doing, She has to blame only her parents who wanna make a lot of money by publishing books.

Think you’ll find that the US is a pretty big contributor to climate change. Plus, just in case you’re living under a rock, Greta Thunberg addressed the United Nations yesterday – which includes both China and India as members.

That’s not to mention that the whole idea of the UN is that it’s an intergovernmental organisation, so Greta Thunberg was addressing a global organisation about a global problem (which requires global solutions, not just doing a world tour of finger-pointing at individual countries).

And nobody did ask her to do what she’s doing, but that applies to literally any protest movement or liberation movement. Given the amount of support she’s gained globally, it doesn’t seem to me that many people have a problem with what she’s doing (except dickheads like you, obvs). And bigger picture: the planet is dying.

Maybe you should get your head out of your ass and stop being so cynical about an actual child and do something more productive with your life. Maybe you should go to China or India to tell them how naughty they’re being. 

– Dominique

I saw an image of a Boris Johnson tattoo on Twitter, and one of the comments called it a twattoo, that one comment made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my drink. Now that is why Brits have the best insults.

we do have good insults, but we also have people who are stupid enough to get Boris Johnson tattoos

– Dominique

SO! What’s going on with brexit rn? I saw it was postponed (AGAIN) till Halloween (how fitting) but what exactly is going on? Greetings from cali ✌🏼


So yes, as you said Brexit has been delayed until October to try and work through the current parliamentary deadlock. This, hilariously, means that the UK has to take part in the elections to the EU Parliament on May 25 – unless we leave before 1 June.

The options now are pretty much as follows:

  • Leave with Theresa May’s deal (unlikely) 
  • Leave with a compromise deal 
  • Full renegotiation with the EU (idk if the EU can be asked with this)
  • Second referendum (unlikely)
  • Cancel Brexit (unlikely)
  • General election (people seem to think this will help and idk why)
  • No deal Brexit (could happen on June 1 if the UK refuses to take part in the EU elections) 

As you can see, a lot of these options are… unlikely, and MPs have voted on them before and have rejected them before… so basically we are still pretty much exactly where we were in June 2017 when Theresa May triggered Article 50! 

– Dominique