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I saw an image of a Boris Johnson tattoo on Tw…

I saw an image of a Boris Johnson tattoo on Twitter, and one of the comments called it a twattoo, that one comment made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my drink. Now that is why Brits have the best insults.

we do have good insults, but we also have people who are stupid enough to get Boris Johnson tattoos

– Dominique

SO! What’s going on with brexit rn? I sa…

SO! What’s going on with brexit rn? I saw it was postponed (AGAIN) till Halloween (how fitting) but what exactly is going on? Greetings from cali ✌🏼


So yes, as you said Brexit has been delayed until October to try and work through the current parliamentary deadlock. This, hilariously, means that the UK has to take part in the elections to the EU Parliament on May 25 – unless we leave before 1 June.

The options now are pretty much as follows:

  • Leave with Theresa May’s deal (unlikely) 
  • Leave with a compromise deal 
  • Full renegotiation with the EU (idk if the EU can be asked with this)
  • Second referendum (unlikely)
  • Cancel Brexit (unlikely)
  • General election (people seem to think this will help and idk why)
  • No deal Brexit (could happen on June 1 if the UK refuses to take part in the EU elections) 

As you can see, a lot of these options are… unlikely, and MPs have voted on them before and have rejected them before… so basically we are still pretty much exactly where we were in June 2017 when Theresa May triggered Article 50! 

– Dominique

Winston Churchill an asshole? He is one of tho…

Winston Churchill an asshole? He is one of those people you have to thank every time you say your shitty opinions.

Nothing but respect for a man who tried to campaign with the slogan ‘Keep England White’ during the 50s, huh?

sorry that you keep having to answer this ques…

sorry that you keep having to answer this question but what is happening with brexit now?

That’s ok! It changes every five minutes anyway!

So MPs voted to ‘take control’ of Parliament, meaning they were in charge of the votes that took place yesterday (a bit like a weird non school uniform day).

A series of votes happened to explore different Brexit options; there was a vote on having a second referendum, on leaving without a deal, of having a Norway-style arrangement with the EU, etc. Incidentally none of this matters because MPs voted against everything – nothing got a clear majority.

So we’re back to where we once were: no one wants anything and everyone wants something.

Theresa May is going to try and put her withdrawal agreement through (third time’s the charm) and this is expected to happen tomorrow (Friday). She added an interesting twist by saying that if it doesn’t pass, then she’s going to resign, so by next week we could have a new PM!

Whilst a new PM sounds quite nice right about now, there is broad speculation that she’ll be replaced by a hard Brexiteer, so… Imagine all this chaos but with Boris Johnson in charge instead. Lovely.

This is all assuming that the speaker of the House will let her propose the withdrawal agreement because he previously indicated that he wouldn’t because you can’t just keep bringing the same vote to the House again and again but… we’ll see!

– Dominique

where are all the posts about the pro-leave ma…

where are all the posts about the pro-leave marches happening in england? you can't only show one side of the story because that's how fake news spreads and it's irresponseible

ok here’s your fucking leave march you cretin

what’s happening with brexit now?

what’s happening with brexit now?

As of right now the EU has kindly given us two extensions. We were originally due to be leaving on 29 March, but now we have one of two options:

1) IF Theresa May’s deal gets through the House of Commons then we’ll leave on 22 May

2) If it doesn’t then we’ll leave on 12 April

MPs are not guaranteed to vote either way. Theresa May did a dangerous and threatening speech a couple of days ago (lol?) saying that MPs should stop obstructing her and ‘the will of the people’, but that doesn’t mean anything. MPs have already voted against the deal twice, so why should they vote for it now?

Having said that, we really are running out of options, and it’s highly unlikely that Brexit will be stopped altogether, so… It might be better to vote for a deal than to risk leaving without one in the minds of some MPs.

can you explain what’s happening with br…

can you explain what’s happening with brexit at the moment?

EDIT: as predicted, this has changed within the last ten minutes so I have updated it!

I can try! This is going to be a very basic guide because there’s so much going on and I want to keep it simple. Currently we are due to leave the EU on March 29th, 2019.

– MPs have rejected Theresa May’s current withdrawal agreement

– MPs have rejected leaving without any agreement

– MPs have rejected holding a second referendum

MPs have just voted to seek a delay to leaving the EU, so now Theresa May has to ask the EU to postpone Brexit. If the EU agree, then we might not leave on 29th March as previously planned – but all 27 EU member states have to agree to this, and there’s no guarantee that this will happen! 

If they do agree, then the earliest we will likely leave is 30th June, and that’s only if MPs accept Theresa May’s deal in a vote happening next week.

– Dominique

what happened to theresa may yesterday?

what happened to theresa may yesterday?

Something very, very pointless.

Basically the MPs in her party conducted a vote of no confidence in her as leader of the Conservative Party, and she won – meaning that she remains leader of the Conservative Party. It was an incredibly stupid side-show that has little to no political resonance compared to everything else going on in this god-forsaken hell hole at the moment, so best bet is to just ignore it and pretend nothing happened if you want my advice.

– Dominique

You had a nice game tonight, and since i like …

You had a nice game tonight, and since i like both Belgium and UK, I'll be happy with the result of the "petite finale". I hope your team will have at least a great time on the field! Greetings from France!

thanks for your well wishes! give the croatians hell for us on sunday and best of luck!

I have too much pride to root for Croatia. Fra…

I have too much pride to root for Croatia. France ftw

france and i have been united in the face of a common enemy before, so why not do it again?