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england: the worlds most beloved and hated country

That’s the issue with romanticisation. so many people have a mental image of what England is like; polite, sophisticated, chivalrous, intelligent, that when they realise that we have issues like every other country in the world, we become demonised and hated because we’ve broken the mental image they have of us.

And the other way around, of course. Some people only see the bad things England has done and not the many amazing things about this country.

Things aren’t black and white, England is both amazing and shitty at the same time, you can’t say that we are definitively one or the other.

– Roe

thats legit so white

Drinking tea and reading a book? Fairly sure that people of all ethnicities enjoy both of those things. For a start, tea originated in China, and unless I’m sorely mistaken, the Chinese people are not in fact white.

– Roe

Every time I see your icon on my dash I think it’s Miguel from Road To El Dorado

I wish she was Miguel from The Road to El Dorado!

it’s about time uk legalised same sex marriage now follow gerany

Where have you been for the past 4 years?

I know you dont actyuuuallyy liev in engLand .YOU dsuvhj a LiAr dd.

*speaks into collar*

They’re onto us.


What about it?

What lol as if white people aren’t killing transsexual people?


you realize if you keep supporting muslims and they take over the country theyre going to kill you for being transexual at best or enslave as sex slaves/wives

As I’m reading this, I’m actually eating some leftover Iftar food that my incredibly kind Muslim neighbour brought round last night, as he has done several times over the past few days. I think that sort of thing is what Islam is about. I’m unfamiliar with the part of the Quran that endorses sex slaves.

That anon???? I’m so pissed

Tell me about it.

you never had terrorism under boris johnson but now that paki boy sadiq kahn is mayor a fucking muslim scum what do you expect in london???

Get fucked you racist, islamophobic prick.