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If anyone on the left feels like pushing conspiracy theories of the DNC committing massive widespread and large-scale full-on electoral fraud to screw Bernie Sanders over specifically, maybe take a moment and just ask yourself this question:

Why do you think it is that Trump, his idiot sons and a lot of Republicans just so happen to be pushing the exact same theories as you?

That should be giving you pause for thought.

Any notion of a conspiracy by the DNC to force Pete Buttigieg as the winner of the entire primary by actively screwing over Bernie should logically fall apart when asked one simple question:


Of everyone the DNC has that are ‘establishment’ including a former Vice President, you really think they’d go all-in electoral fraud for the gay millennial small-town mayor who had no national profile at all before randomly announcing he’s running?

Sure, okay. Smart theorising there lads. Makes total sense.

If the current percentage results from the Iowa caucus hold with all results (finally bloody) reported, both Pete and Bernie can declare victory but one thing Bernie doesn’t have in this result is the sheer fucking awesomeness that is an openly gay man going from having no national profile to winning the first-in-the-nation caucus in a major party’s Presidential primary.

Like or dislike Pete, that is both fucking huge and fucking awesome as a moment.

Also good to see Biden very noisily going bloody nowhere

Y’know, at this point I’m not sure which section of the US political population online I find more insufferable, die-hard Trump fans or die-hard Bernie fans.

Gonna be interesting to see which side of the aisle I get the most shit from for saying that….

Hey, so this whole thing about Trump apparently now thinking that being critical of his administration means you must hate America?

Well guess what: 

So he thinks critiquing the government is the same as hating the country, unless the government happens to have a black man in charge at the time.

So yeah, he’s a total racist dickhead. 

As if the standard racist white nationalist “go back where you came from then” troll-logic idiocy wasn’t enough of a fucking clue.

Really looking forward to the notes I’m gonna get on this one…

At this point my patience threshold for politics has long since been crossed so I’m at the point now of issuing the blanket statement that:

If in twenty-fucking-nineteen you still legitimately support the Presidency of Donald Trump, the potential premiership of Boris Johnson, or the idea of a No Deal Brexit you are either a moron or a psychopath.

Trump Accuses Iran in Explosions That Crippled Oil Tankers:

Opinion polling sagging?

Upcoming re-election bid not making you feel confident?

Try Launching a War in the Middle-East!

Launching a War in the Middle-East: Because You’re Just Not Enough of a Cunt Already!

Sanders Supporters Would Vote for Trump Over Buttigieg, Warren, Harris:

The poll found that 51 percent of Sanders supporters who voted in 2016 voted for Hillary Clinton while 7 percent voted for Trump and 23 percent voted for a third-party candidate. Nineteen percent of his supporters did not vote.

Of Buttigieg’s supporters who were polled, 100 percent said they would vote for Sanders if he clinched the Democratic nomination, while 79 percent of Sanders’s supporters said they would vote for the South Bend, Ind., mayor. Twenty-one percent who support Sanders said they would vote for Trump over Buttigieg, according to Forbes.

Director of Emerson Polling Spencer Kimball said of the results that “while still early in the nominating process, it looks like Mayor Pete is the candidate capturing voters’ imagination; the numbers had him at 0 percent in mid-February, 3 percent in March and now at 9 percent in April.”

Also, 26 percent of those who support Sanders said they would vote for Trump over Warren, 18 percent said they would vote for Trump over O’Rourke, and 17 percent said they would vote for Trump over Harris.

So yeah forgive me if I don’t cede the authority on who the truly progressive people are in politics to fans of Bernie Sanders when large numbers of them pull this kind of shit if they don’t get their own way.

You don’t get to be the barometer of progressivism if over a fucking quarter of you would willingly vote for Trump than another Democratic candidate, even one as progressive as Elizabeth Warren.

This is why the smug parade of Sanders fans bugs me. Because I know so many of them would do this shit. Their line that Sanders fans had nothing to do with Trump winning is objectively bullshit and the fact that anywhere from 17% to 26% of them would vote for Trump over a different Democratic nominee shows that nobody should be taking them seriously as the arbiter of progressive values if they’d willingly sell the country out to a fucking regressive fascist again if they don’t get their way.

Buttigieg surges to third place in new Iowa poll:

Hell yeah!

Look I’m not American so I can’t directly donate to or vote for Mayor Pete so all I can do is cheerlead for him and encourage others to check him out.

I did buy his book though, just gotta wait for it to be delivered.

Brexit coming down to a hysterical knife-edge in the UK, and now in the US Robert Mueller has just handed in his completed report on his investigation into Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.

So I guess I’m not going to be getting much fucking rest this week am I?