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Kill yourself bootlicker.

Tried when I was 14. Didn’t take. Guess you’re stuck with me. Sucks to be you, I guess.

Where Pete Buttigieg stands on the biggest 2020 issues:

But yeah he’s just a closet Republican….

What’s Pete Buttigieg like? I’m kind of ashamed to say I hadn’t heard of him until now lol. Meaning I haven’t seen any criticisms OR support, so I’m very surprised to see him win in Iowa

he’s literally just like, a progressive candidate that is also focused on career and pragmatism? people first went after him because of internalized homophobia but then that was no longer acceptable so they started calling him a republican despite the fact that he 

  • supports raising the minimum wage to $15/hr
  • plans to end mandatory minimums/the death penalty/private prisons
  • supports paid family leave
  • for making college debt-free and has a targeted plan for cancelling student debt for those who need it the most
  • is for eliminating the electoral college/campaign finance reform/and felon voting
  • ending offshore drilling and taxing carbon emissions
  • is pro DACA and repealing sec 1325
  • very strong on abortion rights
  • has a comprehensive disability program that blew me away personally
  • taxing the rich, etc.

but like. people latched on to him saying “hey like, medicare for all is going to be really messy and might not work in our current system so what i want to do is expand coverage so everyone has access to it, but we don’t have a system where there’s private doctors only for the rich” which is what happens in single-payer systems. nobody like, fucking reads so they call him a republican despite that being a really solid plan. 

the other thing people latched onto is the fact he served in afghanistan because omg bootlicker!!! the military industrial complex is bad yeah but to go after everyone who served, especially someone who served as a gay man under don’t ask don’t tell for some of his time serving, is unnecessary and tone deaf. 

personally, i think he’s too young to be president, but i’d be honored to vote for him. the man has a good head on his shoulders, i believe he would listen to his advisors who have the experience he lacks, and as a gay episcopalian myself, we come from a similar stock and i find him very relatable. 

anyway if you want to read more here’s his politico platform profile and here is his website where you can read more about his platform in detail.


Pretty sure Biden has no hope from here on out which makes me wonder who the DNC is going to start backing now

Warren, Buttigieg or Bloomberg?

Most likely Bloomberg.

Warren could still be considered by the very safe DNC higher-ups as too ‘socialist’, Pete has a limited ceiling given his lack of support from black voters who the Democrats are doomed without, but Bloomberg is a totally safe hand policy-wise for them and has oodles of money to splash around by himself so they won’t have to monetarily invest as much.

But god knows a Trump vs Bloomberg general election might actually manage to be more depressing than the Trump vs Clinton one was.

What do you make of the whole Mayor Pete is a Dirty Cheat spiel that the leftists and progressives are pushing?

That it is counterproductive, based on innuendo and conspiratorial paranoia, and is rooted in the “Democrat establishment is corrupt” narrative the ultimately helps Republicans get elected. Same ol’ Bernie Bro modus operandi.

If anyone on the left feels like pushing conspiracy theories of the DNC committing massive widespread and large-scale full-on electoral fraud to screw Bernie Sanders over specifically, maybe take a moment and just ask yourself this question:

Why do you think it is that Trump, his idiot sons and a lot of Republicans just so happen to be pushing the exact same theories as you?

That should be giving you pause for thought.

Any notion of a conspiracy by the DNC to force Pete Buttigieg as the winner of the entire primary by actively screwing over Bernie should logically fall apart when asked one simple question:


Of everyone the DNC has that are ‘establishment’ including a former Vice President, you really think they’d go all-in electoral fraud for the gay millennial small-town mayor who had no national profile at all before randomly announcing he’s running?

Sure, okay. Smart theorising there lads. Makes total sense.

If the current percentage results from the Iowa caucus hold with all results (finally bloody) reported, both Pete and Bernie can declare victory but one thing Bernie doesn’t have in this result is the sheer fucking awesomeness that is an openly gay man going from having no national profile to winning the first-in-the-nation caucus in a major party’s Presidential primary.

Like or dislike Pete, that is both fucking huge and fucking awesome as a moment.

Also good to see Biden very noisily going bloody nowhere


Y’know, at this point I’m not sure which section of the US political population online I find more insufferable, die-hard Trump fans or die-hard Bernie fans.

Gonna be interesting to see which side of the aisle I get the most shit from for saying that….