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Try to imagine Dutch people being bothered if they hear people speak English with each other on the streets of Amsterdam. Just imagine that!

People feel bothered when they hear a lot of foreign language in their hometowns because it makes them feel less at home. It’s not really that hard to understand. Human nature.
I don’t think those people would have felt as bothered if they heard foreign languages in their hometown just once in a while.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Or Berlin? Or any other major city to be honest?

I understand your argument, but do you actually have any data backing this?

In my own home country there is a clear rural vs urban divide in opinion and voting behavior as a result of that. Which is understandable, and I know that this is also the case in many other countries, but I have no idea to what extend this is Europe wide and never looked into this in more detail, hence me asking you?

What I know about Austria from 2016 data at least, was that this was not the majority view. And when you now think, but surely a lot people are bothered about Turks and so on … yes sure, but how many more are in tourism in the skiing areas or in the cities, and they are generally not bothered by “foreign tongue”. Neither are students or business men.

The people who are bothered are the ones living in isolated rural villages where you almost never hear a foreign word. The less foreigners there are, the more afraid people are of them. It is the fear of the unknown.

Ombudsman opens inquiry into EU Commission’s gas stance:


The EU Ombudsman announced on Thursday (13 February) it has opened an inquiry into the European Commission’s catalogue of priority energy projects, after green activists lodged a complaint about the inclusion of new gas infrastructure on the list.

Emily O’Reilly, the EU Ombudsman, wrote to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen earlier this week requesting clarifications about the inclusion of gas projects in the so-called fourth EU list of Projects of Common Interests (PCI).

The inquiry follows a complaint lodged by Food & Water Europe, a civil society group, which claims that the EU executive did not adequately assess the sustainability of the 32 gas projects included on the list and as such has broken EU law.

Food & Water Europe are not the first ones to object to the list, a litany of NGOs have campaigned against it, as well as Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo.

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Unless it results in gas projects being cut then it’s pointless. One of the pointless projects is the construction of a terminal for US gas produced by fracking hence the objections of Mark Ruffalo. Fracking is banned in larges swathes of Europe but the EU is willing to put the health of Americans and their environment at risk to heat European homes that could easily be heated with renewables.

That liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal is also political. It was one of the two things Trump demanded to stop his trade war with Europe.

While certainly a folly, it might not be entirely so. Large parts of Europe are shockingly depending on Russian gas. And there is no way to heat millions of homes through the winter without it. So this relatively cheap investment would give us a backup. Be it an economically unavailable and unenvironmental one, but if the alternative is literally freezing to death? This can give enough time to move away from gas dependency all together.  The terminal could be used for any LNG, not just US fracking one. In fact, should it ever have to be used, it is unlikely Europe would fill its demand with US fracking gas for economic reasons, if it buys any it all, it is political. on Instagram: “#tbt when I visited the European Parliament in Brussels. 💔🇪🇺”


#W4EU letter to Europe

For Valentine’s Day, we wanted to say #ThankEU for all the amazing benefits being part of the #EU brings. From maternity rights to cleaner seas, this is our thank you to Europe

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Election 2020: We want united Ireland, say four in five voters

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Have the Boomers Pinched Their Children’s Futures? – with Lord David Willetts

Very good summary how the Boomers have screwed their children. Worth listening too.

In the centre of Brussels.