Muslim leftist women are now being driven off Twitter for speaking out against antisemitism in Labour. That’s fucking great.

You’d think at some point people would have to stop deluding themselves that prominent gay, Muslim, trans and black leftists are all secretly part of a “secret Zionist plot” to bring down Labour. You’d think they might have questioned that idea when even people who’ve supported Corbyn for years can identify there’s an antisemitism problem. You’d think they’d be able to trust that John McDonnell and Jon Lansman aren’t working against the left. You’d think the intervention of a woman subject to frequent Islamophobic attacks might have prompted some reflection.

But nah. You know in your brave little heart that a brave anti-racist white man (lol) is just being persecuted for his socialism (i.e. being vaguely left-wing when he isn’t abstaining on immigration bills). You could never be part of the problem. You can only ever be a fucking victim, right?

Chris Williamson is scum and his supporters should be barred from the Labour party.