Brexit: ‘dangerous’ UK government intent on fo…

Brexit: ‘dangerous’ UK government intent on forcing no deal, says Sturgeon:

“Boris Johnson has been accused by Nicola Sturgeon
of intentionally pushing the UK towards a no-deal Brexit, despite his
“bluff and bluster” about wanting an agreement with EU leaders.“…

“Johnson was criticised throughout his leadership campaign for appearing
to promise different things to different people, with moderate Tory
backers convinced he will strike a deal and hardline Eurosceptics
relishing the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.“…

“Sturgeon said she had gleaned no real clarity about his plans for
meeting other EU leaders. “The only strategy you can get from him is
that he thinks the EU is going to blink. But the EU has been very
consistent in the position it’s taken. It’s been very united and if
you’re pinning the entire strategy on the belief that suddenly that’s
going to change then that’s doomed to failure
, or it’s a strategy that’s
destined to fail because you actually want the alternative which is a
no-deal Brexit.”….

“Sturgeon, who has already put forward legislation to enable a second
referendum, said she would consider over the summer whether to
accelerate the framework bill and discuss it with MSPs once Holyrood
reconvened after the summer recess.“