Boris Johnson will not deliver Brexit

This is just a fact because Brexit is undeliverable in any way that isn’t catastrophic for the nation and the entire economy and any attempt by him and his loyalist morons to try and go for that most damaging of options will get roadblocked by saner voices in Parliament.

He will fail.

He will not give the Brexiteers the glorious Brexit they still somehow think is totally necessary.

All that remains to be seen is how long it is until the Brexiteers turn on Johnson and start claiming he was secretly a total Remainer all along so of course he couldn’t make Brexit work because he never wanted to.

And honesty I’m going to get so much enjoyment out of watching the ravenous Brexit cretins devour Johnson alive when his naive idealistic bluster runs up against the solid wall of reality that he and his ilk have been pretending just doesn’t exist for over 3 damn years.

It’s why I think he’s not going to last long as Prime Minister. As soon as the Brexit roadblock hits his premiership he’s done.

This tactic of just replacing one PM who failed to deliver Brexit because it’s undeliverable with another PM who promises the exact same crap as before won’t ever achieve anything.

This’ll only get resolved with a general election where a clear majority of pro-Remain MPs take power and finally wrestle the entire political agenda away from single-issue fanatics.