I’m going to be watching the polling like a fucking hawk in the next few weeks to see which lofty prediction for the premiership of Boris Johnson (having to write that phrase makes me taste sick in my mouth) actually comes closest to being true:

Will be raise the Tories to new populist heights and soar to consistent crushing majorities on a wave of enthusiasm and fervour?

Or will he be so widely lambasted as a hopeless boob and so reviled within his own party and among the public at large that the struggles to do anything of any consequence, gets forced into an early election by threats of motions of confidence, and so badly fucks up the campaign that the Tories get relegated to a 3rd party statistical irrelevance?

It’s going to be interesting to see if either prediction comes true.

I’d prefer the latter but Brexit and Boris Johnson even being able to become Prime Minister has eroded my faith in humanity and the collective intelligence of my fellow human beings that the former happening would not remotely surprise me in the slightest.