• Tax cut for middle/high earners
  • Tax cut for low earners
  • Higher point where you then pay for national insurance
  • More police officers
  • Additional school spending
  • More on vocational education
  • More on super fast broadband
  • Increasing minimum wage for over 25s
  • Removing transaction tax for homes in England

This isn’t Labour, nor the lib dem’s spending promises, but instead, Boris Johnson’s promises on the campaign trail. This is not even financially sound, costing the government billions, yet it’s Labour/SNP/LibDems who are the irresponsible ones.

His logic is that he can promise anything he wants because he knows 99.99% of his time in office will be spent carping on about Brexit and doing approximately nothing else, and the people who actually want him in office, that small minority of degenerate lunatic fucks, won’t actually give a shit about anything he does apart from Brexit.

So he can say anything he wants. He could promise to reclaim the United States as a colony and declare war on Ireland and the same idiots who are cheering him now will cheer him regardless because they don’t care about anything but him saying we’re totally leaving the EU in October.