Oh I understand entirely how the Tory leadersh…

Oh I understand entirely how the Tory leadership race and political leadership in this country works.

It’s just that I also recognise it’s supremely fucked up and shouldn’t work the way that it does.

If a party chooses amongst itself a new leader it should be legally obligated to call a general election to thus earn the confidence of the voting public.

A party with effectively no majority in the Commons, and who is regularly trailing in the opinion polling, shouldn’t be able to just decide by itself a new ruler and have them hold power for the next 3 fucking years without any kind of democratic exercise to say whether the people of this country want that person to be there.

It’s fucked up that out of our last 4 Prime Ministers, 3 of them have gotten into Downing Street with no say-so of the British public.

Thinking that’s messed up and shouldn’t be the accepted way that things are done isn’t a position of ignorance, it’s the position of basic democratic ideals.