I am sick to death of hearing people using the protests in Birmingham as an excuse to be Islamophobic.

As a bisexual woman, I know that section 28 had a massive impact on my childhood and I am firmly in favour of LGBTQ education in schools.

I’m also very aware that the people in power in this country – the people who don’t fund LGBTQ services, the people who didn’t turn up for the Northern Ireland marriage equality vote, the people who historically supported section 28, the people who deport LGBTQ asylum seekers and who have allowed transphobia to run rampant for the past few years – are overwhelmingly NOT Muslim.

And if you haven’t had anything to say about that, you need to keep your fucking mouth shut about the school protests because I’m sick of people pretending that (a) only Muslims have these attitudes, (b) that Muslims are out of line with some supposedly tolerant society you imagine we live in and © that LGBTQ Muslims don’t exist.

You are not shouting your mouth off on my behalf.

I’m a gay man and honestly I’m right here with you on this. One of the things that most annoys the crap out of me is when bigoted arseholes use LGBT issues as some kind of pseudo-justification for Islamophobic bigotry, or just bigotry of any kind.

Because you know they don’t actually give a toss about us at all, we’re just a convenient prop for them to play the “look how badly those evil Muslims treat the queers” card to dress their hateful crap up as something other than just mindless bigotry.