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Because not content with selecting a ludicrous buffoonish psychopath like Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, apparently some fucking maniacs actually want Angry Cheese Lady Liz Truss to be the Chancellor of the fucking Exchequer.

These people really are the absolute worst and stupidest examples of humanity and we’re letting them pick the next fucking government entirely amongst themselves.

We’re all dead, people. We’re just dead. We’re alive but we’re dead. Game over man, game over!

She refers to herself as “the Truss” in cabinet meetings apparently as well. Truss will be radical in the sense that she’ll have no idea what she’s doing.

At least Philip Hammond isn’t a complete lunatic

Honestly at this point in terms of politics we need a universal rule that anyone who is described as ‘radical’ should be disqualified from holding significant power.

‘Radical’ is what got us UKIP, the lies that brought us all Brexit, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.

What we need is someone fucking sensible and who’s an actual decent human being.

Not some radical nutbag who calls herself ‘The Truss’ and actually thinks that sounds cool and who gets more angry about cheese imports than she does about rampant homelessness, child poverty and crippling austerity that’s destroying lives.