The 2020 Democratic primary would be vastly improved by every candidate who isn’t Biden, Sanders, Harris, Warren or Buttigieg dropping out and trying to run for Senate seats or Governorships or something else instead.

The Democrats are going to need strong Senate candidates to overturn the Republican majority in that chamber, and let’s be honest having over 20 candidates in a race where most are polling on at best like 4% while the 5 highest polling candidates are far above that just seems like a general waste of effort for everyone involved and utterly destroys the primary debates because with so many people clamouring for time to speak nothing of any substance gets debated and it all devolves into pithy taglines and sharp insults, and that doesn’t really serve anyone’s interests best.

Follow Swalwell’s lead and decide that this isn’t the time and that a massively crowded field just damages everyone’s credibility as it just looks like a disorganised dogpile of petty bickering.

Plus let’s be honest: Those 5 are basically the only five anyone is really bothering to follow closely. Everyone else is just kind of awkwardly hanging around in the background.

Get those 5 on a debate stage together, just them, and have an actual serious in-depth discussion of policy.