Problem with those claiming that polls mean nothing is that they actually do mean something. Theresa May wouldn’t have called for a snap general election without seeing the double digit lead. Corbyn wouldn’t have gotten off the fence if it wasn’t for the frankly, abysmal polling.

It’s like the stock market. It’s not the economy, but it does reflect attitudes and general feelings. Polls should be taken seriously, as an indicator, not the final result.

The other thing is, being anti-corbyn does not mean you are centrist or right wing. Corbyn is not The Left, he’s apart of the left. You can disagree with his leadership without disagreeing with his policies.

I mean fuck one thing that helped turn me off of the Cult of Corbyn was his supporters’ annoying habit of labelling anyone who ever called issue with him in any way a Tory.

Like I may be many things, most of them objectively terrible, but to call me a Tory because I think his leadership style is the epitome of two-faced-yet-half-arsed incompetence is just beyond the pale.

How fucking dare you label me as one of those creatures.

When Corbyn first got elected leader I was actually all on board, a full-on Corbynite through and through and was massively excited about where politics might go with him leading one of the major parties.

But then years passed, political landscapes became political hellscapes and he just… sat there. Being utterly uninspiring and rather annoying in the way he seemed to handle everything that ever happened. I just soured on him.

To the point that now I just don’t have any faith in Corbyn to actually deliver on his promises in any way because his lot can barely manage to be in opposition without falling over each other to pick fights amongst themselves. It doesn’t really paint a promising picture of what they’d be like when they’re actually in charge of running shit.

And to the point of the polling, I basically treat anyone who chooses to just outright ignore or make up reasons to invalidate whatever polls don’t show the result they want with absolute disdain.

It applies when right-wing idiots like Trump fans pretend his bad polling doesn’t exist, just as it does when left-wing Corbynites do it on their leader’s behalf.

Got no time for poll truthers.