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We need your help.

I guess I will be taken to prison by Chinese government one day, because of this art I drew, or the things I said.

I am from Hong Kong. As you may not know, this is a special administration region of China. We (still) have our own legal system, and freedom of speech, that’s why I can access to everywhere in the internet without censorship (I get ask a lot).

Recently, over a million of people are protesting against the Extradition Law. It was an extremely-almost-impossible fight and many students are injured horribly by the police force. I WAS THERE.

If the extradition law is passed, which means that China can “took” anyone from Hong Kong back to China as “prisoners”. Oh you don’t wanna know what China will do to those innocent people …

The government is forcing the law on us. We couldn’t do this on our own. We need more attention from other countries. Please spread this message out.

The Washington Post
The Guardian

I have a few Hong Kong friends and have known there are some very serious problems in their hometown that already threated people’s lives.

Even though political issues scarcely show up on my blog, at least sharing this is something I can do for my friends by now.

I come from Taiwan 🇹🇼 , but I still care about them. I care about Hong Kong…🇭🇰 please take care of yourself!! I hope you can tell China 🇨🇳(People’s Republic of China)DON’T USE ANY VIOLENCE! PLEASE!!!✨✨✨💦



The entire world is falling down.

I’ve seen post like this more and more, from a lot of differents countries, and it’s terrifying, how all the governments in the world decided that it was enough, that they’ll do worse and worse until we can’t.

I’m from France, and here too, things are bad, and it’s only a matter of time before it become as bad as at Hong Kong. Or other countries. More and more people get angry, but more and more lethal weapons are used against manifestations and such, and it’s terrible.

So please, anyone, if you can, prove me wrong, reblog and say that your country is fine, that some stuffs are not okay but overall it’s fine. And the others, reblog and explain why it’s not okay, why you are scared, how is your country…

And even if you have nothing to say, reblog, not just for Hong Kong, but for all the world. To hear the desesperate scream the original poster and so many other made but was never heard.

For Alabama

For Philippines

For Hong Kong

For so many countries

I beg you.