EU makes biometric data mandatory on ID cards


EU makes biometric data mandatory on ID cards

By Erdogan Cagatay Zontur

ANKARA (AA) – The European Union passed a regulation on Thursday to make fingerprints and facial images mandatory in ID cards of EU citizens and residence cards of their non-EU family members.

European Council said in a statement that the proposal for a regulation aims at strengthening the security in three domains, including identification cards of EU citizens,…

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Is there any reference to this? Because if that is really the case, it should be possible to find draft documents and how individual MEPs voted on it. And I couldn’t find either.

Also, you know, since most EU member states don’t even have a citizens’ ID card, and there is little to nothing the EU can do to change that … this seems a lot like unfounded fearmongering!

I honestly have no idea what regulation this is supposed to reference, but if I would have to guess, it probably is about the Common Identity Repository (CIR) or EU Interoperability framework for border
management systems from last year. While obviously controversial, this has little to do with ID cards. It is about border agencies across EU member states having access to the same biometric database(s).