Brexit bill goes to parliament…

From a recent Guardian politics podcast “what’s frustrating, is that people are arguing against the deal by way of waving unicorns about.”

PM May continues to struggle to get support for the Brexit deal she brought back from negotiations. However, the problem remains that no other realistic option has been presented by the deal’s opponents.

If the bill gets voted down, much speculation exists about what might happen. A leadership challenge? A new election? A new referendum?

However, all of these possibilities face serious challenges related to time. Three months remain, that is all, until the UK is out. No significant challenger to May has appeared yet, and Labour has been so unclear about what its opposition actually means, no one is sure what alternative they offer. If the Tories remain in power, it seems highly unlikely that a new referendum would occur.

Thus, it would come down to May somehow re-presenting the bill in a palatable way. Either because the threat of no deal becomes frightening enough economically, or because she manages to get some sort of small concession from the EU (though this seems unlikely, the EU does not want to make changes at this point, and really, what changes would please enough critics?).

The two biggest weaknesses for the UK remain, lack of time, and a lack of other realistic proposals. Either way, the vote will happen next week, on December 11th, and a decision will have to be made about the way forward…