Public consultation on summertime arrangements

Public consultation on summertime arrangements:

So far over a million citizens took part in the EU’s public consultation on summertime arrangement.

If you haven’t already, please voice your opinion here:

I just would like to add that “wintertime” is actually “standard time” and “summer time” is in reality “daylight saving time”. So if you, like the majority of people, have a hard time getting up in the morning, you want to keep wintertime.

Personally I am for abolishing the “daylight saving time” change, but more important to me is that we change our behaviour towards the workplace. A lot of modern jobs don’t actually require people to be on the job at a certain time, let me come in when they want to. That way we would not only accommodate both early birds and night owls, but also mitigate rush hour traffic jams. 


p.s. CGP Grey made an informative video about the subject, he is concentrating his argument around the US, but the same is true for the EU: