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Prevalence of cannabis use in the EU

What I find interesting and positively reassuring is that, while cannabis is legal in the Netherlands, they are not nearly at the top of the list here.

Cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands. It is tolerated and the right-wing government is trying its best to stop that. Fortunately it can’ t get its way all the time. It has strengthened laws that did not not to be strengthened. For example, the famous coffee shops are not allowed within 350m of a school. It used to be 250m. The change was pointless because under 18s are not allowed into coffeeshops in the first place and were not allowed in when it was at 250m. Bars that selling alcohol, a drug that kills more people than any other, can be as close as they want. The government also wanted to make the coffeeshops members only. That didn’t happen but it was because of France, Germ any and Belgium complaining about there citizens buy weed in NL and bring it home. You’ll note that all those countries have higher user rates than NL. Use of all drugs in NL is declining and the junkie population is getting older. This is thanks to the softer approach taken by NL in the past not because of the present government.

Thanks for the corrections! You are of course right: “Cannabis in the Netherlands is illegal, but is decriminalised for personal use.” via Wikipedia. 

Still interesting. Portugal has also introduced very relaxed rules about drug usage, and is now fairly low down the list as well. 

Makes you wonder.