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Pictures like this always make me laugh because the people who make them/like them/share them (which let’s face it is mostly men) like to pretend that they haven’t been doing this exact shit with all the “waves” of feminism. Ever since women started fighting for the right to vote, they painted those women as angry, selfish, violent people for having the audacity to demand to be treated like a human being. People who try to make pictures like this one just pretend that there wasn’t propaganda against women fighting for basic human rights, propaganda that is JUST LIKE THE ONE ABOVE. because it’s so much easier to paint an ugly picture of someone or something you hate instead of actually listening or try to understand. It’s so much easier to pretend you’re a better/smarter person because you don’t want things to change when your the one benefiting from it.

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antifeminists have been repeating ad nauseam the same bullshit misogynist rhetoric for over a hundred years. call them out on it.