Hunt urges France and Germany to overrule Barn…

Hunt urges France and Germany to overrule Barnier and insist on EU compromising over Brexit – as it happened:

The UK continues to send out high-ranking members of government looking for European allies in the Brexit negotiations. This week, Jeremy Hunt, the new foreign secretary, tried to urge leaders in France and Germany to push Michel Barnier for more concessions to avoid the threat of no deal. The UK has attempted this strategy multiple times since the start of negotiations, to little result, but the continued attempts seem to underline a fundamental misunderstanding of the EU’s negotiating guidelines.

Barnier himself replied: “Anyone who wants to find a sliver of difference between my mandate
and what the heads of government say they want are wasting their time,
quite frankly.” (x)

Further, Nathalie Loiseau, French Minister for European Affairs, made clear:

“There should be no mistake. Michel Barnier does not represent only
the commission. He is the negotiator for the European Union. He gets his
mandate and his guidelines from the heads of state and government. And
we have discussed it regularly at the level of ministers. We meet with
Michel Barnier on a regular basis. So do the heads of state and
government. So there is no difference between what Michel Barnier says and what we would say individually, each and every member state.” (x)