Boris Johnson’s Brexit was never a dream. It w…

Boris Johnson’s Brexit was never a dream. It was pure fantasy | Martin Kettle:

“The fundamental practical difficulty that all Brexiteers have faced
since June 2016 is that dreams of this kind oversimplify a world full of
complexity. Brexit was offered as a single liberating proposition, when
in fact it involved multi-layered consequences and implications that
require negotiation with others. It is hardly surprising that the May
cabinet and the wider Tory party have struggled to come up with a
defined view of Brexit because, in the end, Brexit isn’t a plan at all.
It’s an attitude, not an agenda….

Too many Brexiteers don’t do practical at all. They despise it. They
wallow in their superiority to mere detail. When push came to shove,
that is why David Davis resigned
too. Davis spent two years attempting to produce a practical Brexit.
But even he ultimately found the facts did not fit his fantasies. He is
almost certainly right that the facilitated customs arrangement
that the cabinet opted for last week will be unacceptable to the EU and
won’t work anyway. But he had no acceptable and workable substitute